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How I Workout In The Winter with ClassPass & WorkOut Challenges!

How I Workout In The Winter with ClassPass & WorkOut Challenges!


Hey Babes! Another February Day, Another Post! :)

This post is all about Being Fit! I know that it's not everyone's favorite topic but as we get older, it's very important to stay in shape and keep your body in good physical shape. Although, you may have a busy schedule, your running up and down the subway stairs or into your car or on your job's lunch break is not fitness! LOL! It's important to try new things and get your body moving! I'm on the slim side, so my goal isn't to lose weight, in fact, I'm on a gaining weight journey. But, what I've learned is the way we treat our bodies in our 20s and 30s is the result of how our bodies will treat us in later years. Many people, women mostly, start to get bad backs and knees and health issues in their late 40s and 50s mostly from the the way they ate and neglected their body earlier in their life! You don't have to join a gym or try to do more than you can. 

One of my favorite things to keep my body active are "Weekly or Monthly Workout Challenges. I usually like to begin new challenges in the beginning of the Month and it always depend on my lifestyle at the moment. I'm anemic so majority of the time, I have to push my body to even walk to the kitchen, other days I can take care of 10 errands in a day (I Love those days!). So, I google Workout Challenges & these usually are the first to come up:



Another way I like to get my fitness on is CLASSPASS! I was receiving a few emails in the very beginning of this year about a 2 Week Free Trail and I've always been interested so I said, "Why Not?" New Year, New Beginnings! :) I downloaded the app and easily created my account. Then, I was able to see all of the available classes that was right in my area! The Vogue, Yoga, Meditation, Pole Dancing, Twerking, Zumba and Cycle Classes and everything else you can think of, at my exposure! How Exciting! Where do I start? The Winter (especially THIS Winter in NY) can get cold, depressing and brutal. It's very difficult to be motivating and interested in doing more than working and returning home! This, however, made me excited to start something new, meet new people and of all, cater to my body's health! I believe that there's a 70% promo code at the moment and you can sign up at: https://classpass.com/

Tell them "Heaven The Quaintrelle Blog" Sent Ya ;) & If you sign up, be sire to tell me all about it! :)

Thanks so much for reading this post...

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