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My Favorite Winter OOTDs!

My Favorite Winter OOTDs!

Hey Babes!

Spring is right around the corner and Winter is nearing the end. Well, I know not just yet but I'm wishful thinking! lol This post is about some of my Best Winter Outfit Of The Day's. I'll tell you the inspiration behind them and where I got the look from!


Winter OOTD #1:


This was such fun look for me! I'm not much of a Heels Girl so when I have a pair of Sneakers, I wear them until I can't wear them anymore. LOL! They become my favorite and I wear them everywhere I go, If I'm not wearing heels! So, This day My Wife & I headed to MOMA and I knew that I didn't want to be in Heels all day. I wanted to be comfortable. So, I grabbed my Vans along with one of my many pairs of Black Uniqlo Jeans. That's usually the easy part for me; the jeans ans kicks. It's when I get to the top that I'm always trying to be new and innovative because I'd usually go for the usual long-sleeve V-Neck. Thanks to my latest shopping spree in Soho, I've purchased a lot of cute Sweaters and this one was one of them from H & M (before the racist scandal). Love this look!


Winter OOTD #2:


This was one of my favorite looks because it was just so comfy! Ugh! I had the usual on the bottom, one of my Black Jeans and my VANs (I told you that's always the easy part BUT This sweater did it for me! It was so cute! stylish! comfy! I can't wait to wear it again & this was from H&M as well.

Winter OOTD #3:


This look was a but more dressed up because My Wife and I went to a Traveling Convention and I wanted to be Comfy a little Dressed. Because we went to Church before the show, I didn't want to do too much and I usually like to wear Dark Colors (Not sure why!) Well, I grabbed one of those Black Jeans I have (you know what? Although I have about 5 Pairs of these, this post is apparent that I need to wear other color Jeans. LOL) Well, I paired it with yet another Cute and Comfy Sweater I recently purchased from H&M  (so sad I can't shop there anymore :(  ) along with the Comfy Short Heeled Booties I have from Shoedazzle! They're the only heels I have under 5 inches so I wear them for the Cute but Comfy occasions! I also have my Forever 21 Black Trench & Drop Earrings! Love This Coat!

Winter OOTD #4:


How fun was this?!?! This look was for a 80s vs 90s Party! I had so much fun this day! Thanks to a designer with boxes and boxes of new merchandise at my house, I was able to snab the over-sized Jean Jacket and Jeans that she got from LEVI's! LOL It was last minute but it worked perfectly. Then, I paired a regular black tee of mine along with my Baby's Underwear LOL and those VANs I love so much LOL! (I need to expand my wardrobe choices.) & I had the perfect Aaliyah's- Inspired look. Especially, when I threw on the XXX's Hat from Rejected Society! Wish I can dress like this to parties every time... I was SO COMFORTABLE!

Winter OOTD #5:


OMG! LMAO! Why would I choose ALL of these outfits where I wore Black Jeans? At this point, I'm embarrassed BUT I Know I'm not the only one soooo I'll proceed. LOL Paired the Black Jeans with my Black ALDO Shoes that are at least 4 or 5 Inches but very comfotable & my New ZARA Button UP that I absolutely love so much! This was for a day of NYFW Events!

Winter OOTD #6:


Lastly is my Valentine's Outfit! Oh, How I love this outfit! Paired my Amazing Faux Fur from www.ShopYT.com with my Necessary Clothing Nude BodyCon Dress and my Taupe Shoes that I believe I got from Shoe Dazzle. These heels are my least comfy standing at at leaast 5 to 6 inches but WELL WORTH THE PAIN Cuz I Always Slay In Them! :)


Thanks so much for reading this post...

Until Next Post,

Heaven Signing Out!

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