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Are True Friendships Hard To Come By? #GirlsTripMovie Inspired

Are True Friendships Hard To Come By? #GirlsTripMovie Inspired

Hey Babes! Heaven Here...

So, who HAVEN'T seen the Girl's Trip Movie at this point? I Know! About 98% of us has & Yes! I'm included in that percentage. I went to see it last week with my Wife and it was such an experience watching the story unfolds. Four black women who gained a friendship in their High School years, going off to College & graduating together then going off to be adults and reconnecting. What a great thing!

Unfortunately, I am one who doesn't have many friends, never really have. My high school years wasn't the best, socially. I had a little crew of associates then we all fell out. I actually graduated with people I wasn't very close to because all of the people I hung out with ended up not graduating the same time as me.

Forward to College & I was always in & out. I didn't go the "Dorm" route so I wasn't really involved in sports and school activities. I was working at the time so I was only worried about completing my classes and going back home. This didn't my dying social life & I was always in a relationship during these years so I was Okay in that department.

Then came my post-college Modeling years! By far, my MOST social years EVER! I was ALWAYS texting, ALWAYS on the phone, ALWAYS meeting new people, ALWAYS hanging out with people, Had friends & ALWAYS partying between 2010 and 2012. Then, everything stopped in 2013 when my long friendships and relationship at the time ended at the same time! That was a rude awakening and made me analyze a lot of things about myself! Man, do I miss those fun years, though!

Now, I'm 29, Married, have a few ladies I speak to occasionally but as far as Besties that I go out with, hang with, party with & have fun with... those days are over & it sucks! I'm really happy in my Marriage but there's nothing like having friends to talk to about "just stuff". All of my siblings & cousins are out living their lives in their world while I'm doing the same and my family isn't as close as I'd like so there's that! My life really consists of be behind this computer, typing! It's my happiness!

However, Thanks to self-reminders and THIS MOVIE, I'm on a mission to get a nice little circle of associates together & if they blossom into true friendships, I'll be appreciative. Real Friends are hard to come by these days, I've learned the hard way. They're either jealous of you, competing with you or simply don't reciprocate their "friendship" in a way that you do. I've been very loyal to "friends" in my past to ONLY be hurt in the end & I'm a little guarded when it comes to the word "friendship" and what it truly means to people. I've recently re-downloaded the "Bumble BFF" app in hopes to find some girls to at LEAST enjoy the Summer with! That's not asking for much, right?

In the mean time, I'll be living it up with my Best Friend in the Whole World, my Wife! :)


& there you have it... my unlucky misfortune with the friendships in my life!

How about you? Comment below!

Thanks so much for reading this post...

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