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My First Trip To LA!

My First Trip To LA!

Hey HTQ Readers!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I recently traveled to Los Angeles for the FIRST TIME! I wanted to go since I was a young girl and finally got the opportunity to go so I was over the moon EXCITED!

The reason behind my trip was to look at Apartments because my Wife & I have convinced ourselves that we wanted to move there! Well, The trip didn’t go exactly as we planned! For starters, I didn’t want to stay in “Hollywood” or “Beverly Hills” because I thought that wouldn’t be realistic so I insisted on staying near DTLA! Little did I know, The Downtown Area of LA that I thought was the home of the working people was actually the home of the HOMELESS people. My Wife & I actually walked around for blocks to get a good feel of the area & I think we’ve seen enough after that. We were shook. lol

We didn’t discover West Hollywood until our 3rd day & realized that’s where we SHOULD’VE been staying and looking at apartments near. But we live and we learn, right?We stayed for 8 days and decided to hold off on our move to Los Angeles but still interested in exploring other parts of California.

Now to the good stuff: Because I attempted to do, go and see EVERYTHING, indulge in my reviews below -

Hometel Suites:

“It was quite difficult looking for a Hotel for the dates we were looking at. Hometel Suites was the nicest hotel near DTLA that was affordable for 6 nights. Although there were mixed reviews, the renovation looked really nice online so I booked it. Upon arrival, the guest service agents were very kind & allowed us to check in earlier than allowed. The elevator is still under construction so we had to walk up. We were first given a beautiful room on the 2nd floor but wanted a better view so they gave us the same room on the 4th. The stairs were worth being further up. Overall, the area is quiet, there’s a convenience store and laundromat across the street with coffee & a vending machine in the lobby. It worked for us, it’s not the fanciest lobby but the ROOM is definitely top notch & the housekeeping was always on point. My only suggestions are: MORE than one pillow each on the bed, a softer mattress, better channels and for housekeeping to pay attention to small details when cleaning because Guests notice everything!”

Border Grill Downtown LA:

“As soon as my Wife & I got settled into our Hotel, we wanted to have a nice meal before our 6 day excursion so we chose this swanky Mexican spot that wasn't too far from where we were staying. It was a Tuesday around 4/5-ish when we walked in with no reservation and was kindly sat by the Hostess at a beautiful table. She actually looked like she was high on something because she appeared a bit disoriented however, our server was so kind and the food and margaritas was all so delicious! It was about 8 to 10 guests in there total but as we were leaving, it looked like the after work crowd was definitely making their way. I’d definitely come back!”

The Counter DTLA:

“After walking around DTLA to explore this area of Los Angeles, we had a hard time looking for a good spot to eat. We stumbled upon The Counter, liked the menu and decided to eat here! We loved our eat because we got a front row seat to all the commotion that was going on this Wednesday Afternoon. The server was so kind, the drinks were good, the mini burgers were DELISH (I had 2 orders) but I was disappointed with the fries; way too skinny and too much seasoning. The unfortuate thing about our time eating here were the two homeless people that were allowed to get past the host stand (because he was moving around) & head to our table, hover over our food and ask solicit. Although we gave her those fries (that she later dumped outside), it was very uncomfortable! Besides that, I’d go back for those mini burgers!”

The Boiling Crab:

“Was so excited to eat here simply because I love crabs! haha. First time in LA, it was close to our hotel, easy to find, we got there about an hour after it opened & it was about a 25 minute wait. We ended up only waiting for 10 or so minutes. Sat down to a very nice waitress who broke down the menu for us. Crabs, Potatoes and Corn was delicious and everything came up to less than $100 which wouldn’t have been the case at your fave crab spots in NY so that was a plus!”

Sweet Chick:

“ Ahhhh. Finally got to experience Nas’ Restaurant & it did not disappoint. The ambiance, the music, the decor, the food, the good service and the prices are worth coming here over & over again. I absolutely loved it. Tried Chicken and Waffles for the first time & it wasn’t half as bad as I thought. That dish is not really a staple in NYC but how could I not try it at ‘Sweet Chick Chicken & Waffles”. Oh & I can’t forget that glass of wine that sealed the deal.”

Sorella Boutique:

“The infamous Sorella Boutique & Girls Tour Wall. So, just like the other fiftyleven women, I follow Heather Sanders on IG & absolutely love the brand she’s built soooo it was only right that as my first time in LA, I flick it up in front of the wall & spend a coin in the shop. I’m glad to say it’s worth all of the hype. The ladies working there were beautiful, helpful & very sweet.

208 Rodeo:

”First time in LA, I had to not only visit Rodeo Drive but eat in Rodeo Drive; really sit down & take it all in so after searching for so many restaurants for Brunch in the area, I came across 208 Rodeo & LOVED IT! Upon arrival, the Hostess welcomed my Wife & I and said “Welcome To LA” which I thought was pretty cool because it means she paid attention to my reservation notes. We were sat outdoors in a pretty cool seat with a pretty cool view. Our server was so nice & informative, the food (Steak Salad) was good not the best I’ve had but Okay. The wine was delish as well as the Chocolate Mousse with Ice Cream.”

The Broad Museum:

“What a fun experience! After a long day of sightseeing, We decided to end the day with finally checking out the Broad. There was a bit of a line outdoors, we didn’t have a reservation & it was about 2 hours before closing but none of that was an issue because the line moved quite briskly. The exhibitions were INCREDIBLE especially the Basquiat room! That was a complete surprise & I’m obsessed with his work soooo that made my day! It took about 45 Minutes to comfortably go through everything besides the one room that I think was off limits if I’m not mistaken. Definitely worth the experience if you get a chance!”

Rock Center Cafe:

“"It was nice to be seated on the stage! A little intimidating at first because there was a spotlight right on us as we ate in front of the entire restaurant but we got used to it. Our server was over-talkative but very sweet, the food was good and the Host was very nice as well. This a short and sweet review! :) "

& There you have it! My first LA trip. I also visited Pacific Park and both of the beaches nearby before heading to LAX! It was definitely a full trip!

Until Next Post Ladies…


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