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How My Valentine's Trip To Miami Helped My Business & My Marriage

How My Valentine's Trip To Miami Helped My Business & My Marriage

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So, It's been about a week since I've blogged and THAT'S because I've been in The Beautiful City of Miami. My Wife had this idea (around December) to go away for Valentine's Day. I thought this was a pretty good idea & never would've thought to go away for Valentine's (by the way... I'm such a lovey dovey couple romantic type person so I loved it). Well, not too long after that conversation, we booked the flight & hotel. We were overjoyed. Sometimes, When you're going through your everyday life routine, the spice and fire can sweeten & simmer. Not too say that we were at that point (we're still in the newlywed phase) but we were definitely bored.

My life consisted of frequent trips to the doctors (trying to get my health at it's best so we can start a family) and we were so over the darn cold. New York type of Winter really puts a damper on Date Nights (something we love to do). That cuts out romantic talks on the beach & spontaneous days. So, everything was Ubers and quick dates because it was too cold to do anything else.

So, needless to say, we were REALLY excited for this escape. We do bot travel as often as we'd like so we like everything that comes with it from experiencing flying in the air to checking into a hotel. It's all fun to us! :) Arriving in Miami, Monday the 13th, definitely took us back to our Wedding Ceremony. Yes! We went to Miami because we got married there in April of 2016 & because we were planning a ceremony AND attending the Beyonce concert during the 4 day trip, we didn't have much time to do tourist-y things. So, WE MADE UP FOR IT THIS TIME AROUND!

We stayed at the Urbanica Hotel and ate at the best restaurants, had the best food and the best drinks! (ALL PLACES WILL BE REVIEWED IN FURTHER POSTS.... STAY TUNED) The trip was a dream. We fell in love with the city and with each other. The Miami Vibe is something special and quite romantic. Excuse this next sentence BUT we had the BEST sex of our LIFE during our stay and the intimacy and romantic level was through the roof. It was exactly what we needed when we needed it. It was a refresher for us. We had deep conversations on the beach & by the pool & over drinks & in the Versace Mansion about LIFE, FAMILY, GOALS, FINANCES & all other topics Married Couples should indulge in. Trust Me, the same conversations you have at home with your spouse in the bedroom really can make a difference with a change of scenery.

As far as my business, I am a BLOGGER so of course, The trip gave me so much material to write about. Exactly what I needed when I needed it. Again, It NYC Winter, you can get stuck in a rut and that is not the best for marriage AND blogging! Both requires excitement and that's exactly what Miami did for us! Thankfully, we bought that vibe right back with us to New York & will be working on the next things on our goal list discussed in those beautiful conversations we had! Looking forward to our next trip for our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY AND FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY in APRIL! :)

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