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Improving My Mental Health by Making The Most Of Today! ๐Ÿ’•

Improving My Mental Health by Making The Most Of Today! ๐Ÿ’•

Happy Monday! Heaven here.... 

It's a new week, we're halfway through the Summer & you know what? I have recently learned how to make the most of my day. Sometimes, I allow myself to get thrown in all of the negative in the world. Honestly, how can you not? With the news, the Facebook reposts & hashtags on Instagram is hard to ignore the violence, the overturned laws and injustice. With it all, it can really drive a person crazy. Recently, my Wife went somewhere & I was so worried that I was texting her every step of the way to make sure she's safe because of all the violence I've been seeing in NYC on social media. This is when I knew I needed to refocus. That was crazy! I don't want to stalk my loved ones while they're out & about. I need to have more faith! More faith in God and that we are God's children & covered at all times!

With this came a lot of adjustments. I've decided the first thing I need to do is PUT MY PHONE DOWN! I do a lot of things on my phone so focusing on some APPs while ignore others can be a little difficult. I've decided to download two apps: Forest & Checky. Their sole purpose is to make you feel bad for picking up your phone on a continuous basis and motivating you to focus on other things besides your phone. 

I also downloaded an App called CheckList that put all of the things I need to take care of in order. I have a MILLION ideas where I know the end results because I don't know the exact steps on all of these projects, I end up allowing all of these ideas of mine fall to the waist side. Not anymore! The Checklist app gave me the tools to figure out each step of each idea I'd like to make a reality now I know exactly what I'm doing to get me where I want to be: Successful! 

See! Now, I don't have time to be on Social Media & watch the News as much as I usually did. I have goals to achieve with actual tasks to check off while I'm utilizing my brain more & my thumbs less! 

Yesterday, for example, my Wife & I managed to do a photoshoot (I assisted), be a big kid a Coney Island, be an Adult at A Day Party & record a Video for our YouTube Channel! So we were busy enjoying the present moments, I missed out on all of the negative of Sunday. My Grandmother likes to say it's a good thing to keep up on Current Events but for me, if 90% of it is going to give me anxiety & fear, I'd rather not! ย 

Take a peek at my photos from Sunday!ย 



ย Thanks so much for reading this post...

Feel free to comment below something you do to improve your Mental Health. ย ย 

Until Next Post,

Heaven Signing Out!

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