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Marriage Monday: Is Your Spouse Happy in the Marriage?

Marriage Monday: Is Your Spouse Happy in the Marriage?

Hi Dolls... It's Heaven here.

Happy Monday! I have decided to start a new topic every Monday regarding Marriage titled #MarriageMonday where I will discuss things that I'm experiencing as a Newlywed as well as things I'll need advice on. This is for my fellow Brides to Be & Wives. Please feel free to comment below or under the #MarriageMonday post on my Instagram (@HeavenTheQuaintrelle).

Now, on to the topic of the day: Is your Spouse happy int the Marriage?

Sometimes, we get caught up in the routine of our lifestyle: Work, School, Children, Netflix, etc. & we can forget to actually check in with our Spouse to say, "Hey Babe! Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Is there anything you need from me?" It's Okay to do this. Especially if you feel like you've been wrapped up in your own world. Take me for example, My Wife SPOILS me & always have. I've always been independent but definitely got too used to being catered to. Although, I love her for treating me like a queen, it can sometimes make me feel handicapped where I start to depend on the catering and stop doing things for myself. Am I alone? Ladies! You know how it is to be so loved that you start to realize you depend on your spouse for everything. Yes! That's no bueno.

During an average weekday, My Wife would wake up, go to the store to get breakfast for us, get ready for work, come home & cook dinner! I know, I know! That's horrible & I was ashamed. It was sweet because she always insisted but just because your spouse insist to cater to you, it doesn't mean you can't decline and cater to them.

Now, I've learned to be the woman I was before we met, but a better version, of course. I'm back to making the relationship 50/50 and because she works longer hours than I do, the body massages a few nights a week are always a hit! ;)

Please comment below your experiences, thoughts or questions on this topic.

Until next Monday Brides & Wives!

Heaven G.A


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