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Marriage Mondays: Marriage Counseling!

Marriage Mondays: Marriage Counseling!

Hey Babes & Happy Monday!

I've decided to bring back "Marriage Mondays" where I talk about All Things Marriage and what I'm learning everyday as being a Wife!

Today's Topic is: Counseling!

So, My Wife & I recently celebrated our 5 Year Relationship & 2 Year Marriage Anniversary! As happy and exciting that was, We are feeling the Marriage Struggles. The struggles that many Married people talk about and stress. We've never had issues with infidelity or trust or anything like that but C O M M U N I C A T I O N has been a constant struggle in our Union.

My Wife & I have come to the conclusions that our differences are becoming more apparent! I'm a talker and a planner! Most of the time, I talk too much and over-plan everything. It has been who I am all of my life. I've always been a talker and can go on and on and every single detail in my life have to be super planned down to the T. My Wife, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. She is not a good communicator (although she has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications) and she doesn't want to plan ANYTHING. It's always been a small issue in our relationship but one that we've overlooked because it didn't cause much of a strain. Fast forward to now & it's a constant issue about how I need to relax on the planning or how she need to step up with the communication. We're noticing that many of our arguments stem from either these issues from either her of myself.

This a big! Most of the time, Couples don't discuss or care to dig for the underlying issues for their constant arguments & this is a problem! If you find that you & your spouse are constantly in an argument about something & it's the SAME disagreements, there's an underlying issue not being addressed and that usually grows overtime if continuing to be ignored. Thankfully, My Wife & I figured it out and we decided to *drumroll* go to counseling! Yes! It's very difficult to change your behavior after 2 decades of being WHO YOU ARE! This is when the phrase "Marriage is Hard" comes into play. Because Marriage make you look at yourself with a magnifying glass and see all of your flaws! ALL OF THEM! Flaws that you either weren't aware of OR aware of & rather ignore. That's why many Relationships & Marriages FAIL because majority of people don't want to do this part; the work!

So, are we nervous for this next chapter in our Marriage? No! We're excited to take our relationship to another level of vulnerability and openness. We have an amazing relationship & can't wait to have an even better one!

We will be having our 1st Marriage Counseling Session this June! :)


Please comment below your take on your take of Marriage Counseling, your experiences, your thoughts or questions on this post below.

Until next Monday's Post, Brides & Wives!

Heaven G.A


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