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The Perfect List to End Your 20s With a BANG!

The Perfect List to End Your 20s With a BANG!

Hey Dolls! Heaven Here....

So, I am turning 29 in May (3 Months... Yay!) & I'm a little bit of a Timeline Freak! I know, I need to shake it. I just feel as though I was JUST 25 and excited for the last 5 years of my 20s and how I was gonna accomplish blah, blah & blah then POOF, I'm at the end of my 20s ALREADY!

There's such a beauty of your 20s. You know, a still moment, a fun period of your life. I hear all the time from my older family members how they remember how FUN their 20s were. I believe I took my 20s too seriously. I overthought and over analyzed. I made lists and schedules for everything (still do... of course, I'm still in my 20s) and I didn't LET LOOSE! I'm writing as if my 20s are OVER... LOL & I know they aren't so THIS is my time.  This is my time to BREAK out of my heavily introverted & 'too serious' ways to END my 20s with a BANG!

The Perfect List to End Your 20s With a BANG:

1. Take a RISK: Do something completely out of your comfort zone, preferably adrenaline- driven! For example, I've had "Zip-lining" on my bucket list since FOREVER! Guess what? The time to do it is NOW!


2. Get Out More: If you're a homebody or a BLOGGER/CEO & LIVE behind a computer like myself, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm in the house majority of the time and that can get depressing at times. My health & this COLD NYC Weather doesn't help but sometimes, I can use both as an excuse to just stay in and I have to BREAK OUT OF THAT! Taking a walk, visiting a park, walking the dog, going to the store... even stopping at the local bar and having a drink! Anything that makes your day feel a bit more fulfilled than being home.

3. STOP HOLDING GRUDGES: I know, I know. He did you wrong, She lied & they betrayed you! They owe you an apology and you're pissed. Guess what? You're still young with a FULL life ahead of you. Let It Go... For YOUR Sake! Forgive them in your heart and move on! Trust! It'll make you feel 100 times better.

4. Expand Your Social Life: Do you have a solid group of friends? A good support system? Yes? Ugh! Sooooo jealous of you. KEEP them. It's a Blessing! If not, GET ONE! Get a small group of about 4 to 5 homegirls or homeboys that you can go to parties with, talk to, go on trips with. I know.. LOL... I'm writing that like it's so simple, right? "Yeah, Just go get grabs friends!" LOL. Well, I know it can be difficult (Trust.. I have very few, if any) because Loyalty isn't quite as common as I'd like. But, If you visit the right places, I'm sure you can find a good homie to hang with here & there. Simply compliment someone and see how far the conversation goes! Make that your homework! :)

5. Attend a Festival: Any Festival, doesn't matter. Just Go, Get Cute, Take Pics & Have Fun! You might even meet your next group of friends there. :)

6. Purchase Something Materialistic or Treat Yourself to an Expensive Restaurant That Has Been On Your Wish List since Forever! Feel Free to do both in the same day though. :)

7. Focus On Your Health: Make An Appointment for EVERY Part of your Body! Attend, Take Tests, Get Results, Follow Up & Make Sure You're entering your 30s with your health in TIP TOP SHAPE, or as close to it as possible.

8. Go On A Road Trip, Anywhere!

9. Plant A Tree: Yes, you can actually do this. Contribute to the environment by googling your first steps to planting your very own tree.

10. Meditate or Take Up Yoga: Most of us in this age group is already into this but if you're not or not consistent, try a challenge that is consistent for 30 days! It'll change your life, or at least your 20s.

11. Complete a FULL Bucketlist for any age, just make a full list for your life! The Perfect APP for this (It's the BEST thing in my Phone) & it's called iWish.

12. Learn A New Language!

13. Spend time with your Family, specifically your older Family Members. It'll mean a lot of them & you as well.

14. Swim, Swim, Swim! It's Just So Relaxing.

15. Complete a "Saving Money" Challenge. We have the habit to spend! spend! spend! Saving Money should be a habit as well.

16. Keep a Journal documenting the monumental days & moments in your life.

17. Build a Personal Library of your favorite books to build on.

18. Don't Rush Falling In Love & If you're already in love, what are you waiting for? Go All The Way & Get Married! lol... Seriously!

29. Find A Mentor.

20. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN & GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER! Live in the moment as much as you can.. You don't get your 20s back, Babe! :)




Okay Dolls, That's it for now. Hopefully you absolutely LOVE this list like I do! :) It could've been more serious with things like 401k's and stocks BUT this list if to ENJOY the end of your 20s and FUN! FUN! FUN! Feel free to comment below your thoughts on the list & if there's anything you'd to it. Also, Would you like to see one for the serious things that should be done by your 30th birthday?



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