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Welcome to My Blog, Heaven The Quaintrelle!

Welcome to My Blog, Heaven The Quaintrelle!

Hey Dolls!

My name is Heaven Grace & I'd like to welcome you to my blog, Heaven The Quaintrelle! It's my launch day... Yay! I am a 27 Year Old Woman with.... Umm, basically a Vision! I began modeling in 2009, designing eyewear and jewelry in 2011 & blogging in the same year! I went by the name Heaven "Bendel" (so it can be "google-worthy", which it was... you can see for yourself ) for many years. 

Well... This year, I decided to have a complete Makeover! Yes! I restyled my BRAND completely. Ladies & Gents, This is necessary when you feel stagnant in your Business, which is how I felt. With my Jewelry Brand & Blog, I was very unhappy after awhile. I felt it needed a makeover to make me fall back in love with it like how I used to be. This is okay! If you feel this way with what you're doing in LIFE... Your relationships, your job, etc. it's important to keep it fresh and new. Don't get comfortable and routined. For me, it's the worst I can be in life... Routined! Life's too short for it!

To add anxiousness to excitement, I have restyled not only my brand.. But my lifestyle in it's entirety. You ready for the long list? *drum roll*  LOL

Okay! First, I'm moving out of my apartment of 16 years. I've been there since I was a pre-teen living with my Mom to a young lady in my 20s with the place left to me.... to back to living my Mom, Fiancée AND siblings.  (Long Story!) So, My Fiancée & I will be moving into our FIRST Apartment as Adults THIS Month! 

Second, That "Fiancée" will be my "Wife" officially.. *deep breath* APRIL 26th at 6PM on Miami Beach! Oh & I'm breathing deeply because I can't believe I just typed that... Yeeeeee!!! 

Yes! A Marriage & A Move all in a matter of weeks! How scary, right?

Well, that's not it! I will also be quitting my current job to run my blog, YouTube and women's brand full time... & that decision? Strategically planned and long overdue! I'll also be writing my first book that will probably be the juiciest thing you'll ever read in your life.. But, I'll have more about that in later posts, of course.

Oh! & Guess What?!?!?!

I'm Blogging About It All... Here... With You All! Yup! The Ups, The Downs, The Times I Succeed, The Times I Fail, The Tips, The Advice, The Trial & Errors... All While I Enjoy Life's Pleasures which is Traveling, Staying Fit, Eating The Best Food, Drinking The Finest Drinks, Meeting Fabulous People, Attending Amazing Events & Living Everyday Like It's My Last! After All, I Am.... Heaven The Quaintrelle! 

What's To Come?

Fashion Looks, Hair & Make-Up Reviews, Business & Brand Reviews, As Well As My Journey to all that I've mentioned earlier? Excited As Me? Yay! Please, Don't Hesitate to subscribe to my blog to get all of the updates and new blogs posts directly to your inbox...

I'll also be attending many events over the Summer to promote my brands: www.instagram.com/AsiaNevaeh_  & www.instagram.com/FashionGirlsLinkUp !!

If you'll like to connect in any way, feel free to email me at Heaven@HeavenTheQuaintrell.com & Follow us on www.Instagram.com/HeavenTheQuaintrelle.com

Looking Forward To It All! :)

Live, Love & Laugh!






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