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My Experience of My 1st Time at SoulFest NYC 2019!

My Experience of My 1st Time at SoulFest NYC 2019!

Whooooo! Seven hours of Yoga on a Beautiful July Saturday in Harlem! I mean who could’ve asked for more?

For years, I’ve talked myself out of attending the many incredible events here in NYC for ONE reason: I’ll be attending alone. I’m a loner, have been majority of my life. I’m very protective of my energy  and space so I’m very particular about who I let in. I know that in order for me to find create new friendships is to be more social and to be more social is to get out of this house a little more. haha!

I found out about Soulfest NYC a few Months ago & registered to attend with no hesitation. The Morning of, I did the ‘find any reason to back out’ thing that I do while I watched IG Stories & Posts of the team setting up and the first yoga session happening! As I watched, SOMETHING told me to get up, hop in the shower, and go enjoy it! Thank GOD I listened to that voice.

When I arrived, I headed over to register and I know I had a few minutes before the ‘attempt to break the world record’ was happening so I made my way to some of the vendors, learned about the brands & grabbed what they had for grabs. Throughout the day, I have to say my three favorite vendors were:

  1. Whole Foods because they provided Just Water.

  2. Atmosphere Threesixty because after witnessing my hands vibrate after picking up a crystal for the first time, I decided to support the business and purchase the Sage Spray & Two Crystals she was selling as bundles.

  3. Lesser Evil was handing out bags of Popcorn and they were SO DARN DELICIOUS that after eating FIVE bags, I had to find them on Amazon & grab a pack full for the house.

Now to the activities, I showed up right before we all attempted to break the world record of the most people doing the warrior one pose at once for 3 minutes which was pretty fun and cool. The highlight was when the three minutes was up & the FOGO AZUL band performed! Whoa! I was in amazement the entire time.

Faith Hunter’s Yoga session was incredible; loved every minute. The panel not only inspired me but bought me to tears as they all shared their stories of Yoga changing their lives! The ‘NY Yoga & Life Team’s’ Mashup was the ass-kicker of the day! Fun, upbeat and advanced yoga session instructed by four teachers who took turns facilitating. So much so that I sat out the Capoeira workshop but it did look fun! I must say the best yoga session for me was Bre Scullark’s. Now, I’m familiar with her from the ANTM era so I was interested to see how her session would be & I must say, she did not disappoint. Her tone of voice alone was so soothing and her way of facilitating is so endearing that whatever semi-difficult moves we were doing made it as if it wasn't a challenge so I’m glad I stayed to the end. I wish I could’ve connected more with the closing meditation however, it was the end of the festival so a lot of the vendors & event production was making noise as they pack up which made it hard to hear.

Overall, it was an incredible event & I’m looking forward to what they’ll have in store next year! :)

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