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7 Ways To Help Overcome Fear & Anxiety!

7 Ways To Help Overcome Fear & Anxiety!

Hey Babes! Heaven here…

So, FEAR & ANXIETY is a real thing & it’s something I’ve been dealing for a quite a while now. It’s from a mix of things that have occurred in my past and overthinking things that haven’t happened at all. It’s consumed how I live my day to day and what was alarming to me was the fact that I’m not the only one! There’s many women in the world who deal with the same thing and I’m sure half of my HTQ Readers can feel where I’m coming from. If so, this post is for you and over time, I’ve specifically done certain things to ease my feeling of fear and anxiety on a day to day basis that has helped me and still help me!

  1. Yoga & Meditation -

    I’m a proud self-proclaimed Yogi. I tried it ONE time and was obsessed with the high I got from it afterwards that I had to keep it going. Yoga is the ART of living in the present, simply breathing and spoiling your muscles with the best stretches you didn’t think your body was capable of. This allows you to feel NOTHING but bliss which is why it’s so important for fear & anxiety! It’s also a great way to meet others who run on high vibrations and good vibrations which is ALWAYS a good thing! The same goes for Meditation. Both goes hand in hand with Peace & Tranquility!

  2. Comedy -

    I like to call this The silent Misery Killer. Many people don’t THINK “let me sit down and watch this comedy movie or comedy show or stand up special.” Ohhh But you should! My anxiety was at it’s worst when I watched all of those crime shows to no end. I had to cut that out quick and change up my viewing pattern. Comedy specials, comedy movies, comedy tv shows are all easily accessible on Netflix and ALWAYS put me in the BEST mood.

  3. Bible App -

Only if you believe there’s a GOD would this work for you. the Bible App provides amazing Daily Plans that’s usually curated by someone on a specific topic & you can read “Day 1”, “Day 2”, etc. for however many days the plan is for. They have some on Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Marriage, Finances, etc. These plans have improved my praying overall and once I feel closer to God, my fear and anxiety always seems to decrease.

4. Ashwaghanda Pills -

This is my NEWEST obsession. I just got put on to Ashwaghanda after researching herbs and vitamins. I take one a day & I can honestly say it has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased my negative thoughts. You know how some people smoke weed & take drugs to close out the noise? This is the HEALTHY way to do that. In fact, it has put me to sleep a few times, too.

5. Stop & Smell The Roses -

I absolutely love Roses! And Clouds! And Water! But, I can’t enjoy and appreciate those things if if my head is buried in a screen all the time. There are people who go through their life’s journey Blind or Deaf or with no Arms and here we are with all of 5 senses, limbs and all and we choose to not make use of them!


This doesn’t require much of a paragraph! Simply UNPLUG, DELETE your social media apps & LEARN how to live for a day, a week, a month without checking Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and watch how drastic your thoughts change!

There you have it… The seven things I do to remind myself how PRECIOUS life can be when minimizing feelings of FEAR & ANXIETY and living in the moment! Legit, all of these things help me TREMENDOUSLY and I’m sure I probably would’ve been on a depression spiral without it.

Thanks so much for reading my post!

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