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How To Make The Most Out Of A Getaway!

How To Make The Most Out Of A Getaway!

Hey Babes! Heaven Here….

So, My Wife & I are good for getaways; going on a trip for a few days have been something we’ve been doing since we’ve met. At first, they were for us personally then with Mrs & Mrs (my Brand), we went on them for business. One thing I must say about our little trips is that it has worked WONDERS for our Marriage. When you’re thick in the rut of the day to day hustle, there’s a routine that come about that goes something like Shower, Sleep, Work, Eat and whatever else. This can come in the way of the Spice, the romance and the quality time; especially if you have children.


This is why getaways are ESSENTIAL! If you’re single, in a relationship, have children or don’t have children, we all need to break out of our routines to get a refresh for our minds, bodies and souls. It’s so important!

So, My Wife & I are always on the same page when it comes to getaways. We like to book anywhere between 3 and 4 days. We book our outgoing flight to land in time for us to check into our hotel and we make sure our flight going back home is a few hours after we check out so we can leave our luggage in the hotel lobby to do something for a few hours then have enough time to catch our flight without rushing.

When we plan our getaway, I book our flights with the Kayak App EVERY TIME & our hotel with the Orbitz EVERY TIME. I then spend DAYS planning the activities. Now, My Wife is NOT the planner but she does so many other things that it makes up for it and I like planning so it works out for us.


We love eating out, exploring the city and feeling the vibe of wherever we are so we make sure to squeeze in a few things on every trip: A Tour (usually a Bus or Cruise tour), a nice lunch or dinner date in the state’s popular restaurant and a little exploring the in the downtown/city area. We’re not really big on shopping on trips although I like to make the point to grab a shot glass wherever we go. One thing I make sure I do when we visit somewhere is google “Bucketlist things to do in…..”, a list of things that one MUST do while they’re there will come up & we always have fun choosing which one(s) we’ll do.

We also make sure the trip doesn’t feel EXTRA planned and scheduled. So, we’ll have a CHILL day where we do NOTHING. We’ll enjoy the hotel amenities, the pool, the view, the bed, the comfortability, each other and these days are just as good as the “tourist” days.

For the past few years, we’ve been having a BLAST on our little getaways and this is exactly how we made the most of it. Our last two getaways this year were a mix of Business & Pleasure for us. I had a Valentine’s Day Prom on Valentine's Day in Atlanta where we made it a Romantic trip as well as a Business trip. Then, we headed to Colorado for the Mrs & Mrs Couples Retreat. We took a much needed break from trips this Summer but are currently planning our next one.

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