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5 Things That Really Start to Matter in Your 30s!

5 Things That Really Start to Matter in Your 30s!

Hey Babes! Heaven here…

So, I’m 31 (long pause) & I’m still shocked when I say it out loud. I can NOT believe my 20s flew by that quick! I have to say that I have mixed feelings about my age. On one hand, How blessed am I to have made it to 31 Years and on the other hand, THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD?!?!? With no Home owned & No Children?!?! Okay, I’m done yelling! But that’s exactly how I feel.

8 Years ago, I thought was supposed to be way further in life than what I am now. When I turned 31, I couldn’t believe it had come so quickly and I also had to BREAK the habit of thinking that my life SHOULD have been at a certain point at a certain age. It’s difficult but it’s necessary or it can drive you crazy. I got real depresses at one point and then had to shake it off. All things happen it it’s perfect timing and I’m blesses REGARDLESS.

With this new decade, I have 20 things I feel all 30-ish year olds should accomplish in the next 10 years if you feel anything like I do about my age and accomplishments (or lack thereof).

5 Things You Should Accomplish In Your 30s!:

  1. Be Mindful Of Your Health: Our bodies are changing before our eyes and we have to be mindful of that. I stay on top of my appoinemtns and make frequent appointments with every specialty doctor you can think of, just because. If you have health insurance, why not? I also take Women’s Multivitamins that I started to take after my 30th Birthday and it has changed my life. I also drink a lot more water than I used to and exercise. I don’t particularly need to lose weight but it’s important to be active and fit. It’s also important to be careful of what you’re eating. Change up your diet from time to time.

  2. Save Money: For the first time in my ADULT life, I successfully saved money and the feeling was just exhilarating. As you get older, you realize that SAVING is so important for a secure future and I’ll go deeper into exactly HOW I saved money in a future post.

  3. Be Grateful: Whoo! This is a good one! It’s so important to be grateful for exactly who and what you have instead of complain about who and what you don’t.

  4. Exercise Your Mind: Read! Read! Read! or Go Back to School or Take a Certification Course. It’s been QUITE a few years since you’ve graduated school and that intellect of yours could probably use a tune up. I am ALWAYS doing something to exercise my brain cells OFF of social media and my phone.

  5. Take RISKS: Did you have dreams in your teenage years? In your early 20s? Are you living your dreams? Did you drop them? Forget about them? Did dreaming feel too unrealistic in your very real life? Where did you store those feelings? Exactly! They’re still there, you’ve just gotten content with not believing you can follow your dreams but you very well can. TAKE RISKS!

Thanks so much for reading my post!

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