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the office.

the office.

happy tuesday babes. (officially 6 weeks post operation! πŸ™ŒπŸ½)

So, of course, I received a boost of motivation from the incomparable Beyonce and her iconic Coachella performance. But who didn't? Especially if you're a WOMAN! Especially, if you're a WOMAN of COLOR!

I usually don't talk about the businesses I run because they're both a work in progress. But, in this post, I'll be opening up a bit about what I do all day, everyday. This post is titled "the office" because it's where I spend most of my time.

I have a computer at home but I've learned awhile ago that working at home just isn't very productive for me. I get easily distracted and don't get as much done as I could when in a different environment. Coffee shops are cool but there's so much going on in the coffee shops near me because I live in a very busy part of the city so that's not ideal either; & then, there's co-working spaces but who's paying $100s of dollars for peace and quiet? Not me! So, I was stuck. My last option of a place where I can have my creative juices flow, was a Library. Unfortunately, the thought of a Library was outdated filled with old people. Until, one Library opened in Midtown. Then, I found my "office".


Yes! This is LIBRARY! Can you believe it? It's the prettiest I've seen. & Guess what? there's floors of desk and chair space with more than enough peace and quiet to do what you please and work on what you need to. It's also filled with other business people and creatives focused on whatever their working on. It's an atmosphere I fell in love with so it was a no-brainer that I made it my new home. Now, what are my businesses?

When I got married to my Wife, I was so excited; so excited that I wanted to talk about it. I was learning so much about being a Wife & being Married for the first time. I didn't have many people to speak to & if I did speak to anyone about it, they didn't really understand because they were either not Married or with a Female so they couldn't really relate. So, I found a few Facebook Groups that was filled with Lesbian & Gay Relationships and Marriages. How exhilarating! I found a place where I can talk and listen and most importantly, RELATE! I even decided to create a Facebook group of my own & titled it "The Fab Wives of Wives" that I later changed to another name but I found myself constantly trying to make the people IN the group be active and join discussions and coming up with questions and inviting so many people to this group that was private. It became a lot of work and I knew that I didn't want a Facebook Group but a PLATFORM showcasing OUR love where we can see others like us AND discuss topics we can relate to. I knew that this can be better on Instagram instead of Facebook. So, I created a Profile that was specifically for us; a Profile that showed that we were more than rainbow-wearing, sexually-obsessed people that is usually shown on social media. With the help of an AMAZING Business Course, my Business Degree, Intellect and an Amazing Website Team, I was able to change this growing Instagram Profile into a Business and Brand that I literally work on day in & day out! It's A LOT of work but it's something that I LOVE with all of my heart and it's the best thing in the world to watch it grow and most importantly, receiving all of the messages from women all over the world who love the movement just as much as I do. It inspires them to be proud of who they love & not being ashamed of being living in your truth and that's AMAZING to me!

Now... Being a African American Female Businesswoman, I think it's so important to connect with each other and promote one another. Amazing things happen when we work together so of course, I had this idea to create a brand that does just that! I'm in the process of building a business just as I did with my other and it's a satisfying feeling when others gravitate to your ideas & see the greatness in it. I'll be launching the website Spring as well producing the first event this Summer! It's A LOT of work but of course, it'll be worth in the end and can't wait to see the fruits of labor when it's all said & done!

Growing and Building 2 Brands from the ground up just from an idea isn't an easy task. I spend a lot of time, money and energy into my businesses because it'll only grow it it waters. Sometimes, it can be exhausting when you're working on things that you feel like can be bigger than what it currently is but it's actually that same reason that make me continue to work and build it so I can look back & see what all of my hard work did.

Oh! & I Blog! 😌

& that's what I do in "the office." 😏


& There you have it Babes..

Thanks so much for reading my Blog Post. I appreciate you!

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Until The Next Post.

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