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It's Finally Febraury!

It's Finally Febraury!

Hey Babes! haha.... Am I the only one laughing at my post title Today? Well, that's how I feel! January just felt like such a long Month. lol


Black History Month 2018.jpg

It's Black History Month! Creative Romance Month! & National Weddings Month!

A lot to cover, talk about and discuss. Not to mention, It's the month of many Fashion Weeks around the world! My emails are overflowing with invites and I couldn't be more grateful.

For Today, I'm going to let y'all in on a few of my February goals (because it's important to set out some things to accomplish each Month).

First February Goal:

Unfortunately, I'm not as consistent with blogging as I'd like to be. It's a fault of mine to procrastinate which in turn can be harmful to the career I'm trying to obtain. So, my first goal is to BLOG once a day for these 28 days! Not very difficult, just takes discipline!

Second February Goal:


Being that it's Love Month, I'd love to dig deeper into my Wife & I's Marriage; Really explore new areas of our relationship, our connection and intimacy. Have deeper conversations, change up our routine and have more adventurous fun dates instead of the Movies & Dinner. This should be fun! :)

Third February Goal:

This is actually a 3-in-1 because I've been PROCRASTINATING on these thee things for the longer and it ends NOW! I have yet to obtain my passport, change my new last name on a specific document AND renew my permit! I know, I know! So irresponsible and lazy of me at the age of 29! I'm disappointed too BUT it's happening THIS MONTH sooo that's that! lol. Promise! :)

Fourth February Goal:

Being that NEW YORK FASHION WEEK is this Month & I AM a Blogger, It's always my time to shine this time of the month! Doing my best to get out there, connect with people and make new relationships! So, the goal is to make TEN NEW CONNECTIONS during the course of the week as I'm attending events and viewing so many collections! New Connections means New Opportunities!

Fifth & Final February Goal:

I run a business and it's fairly new. I've launched the website and am currently in the midst of planning events and building the audience! I'm aspiring to reach a new milestone of followers, subscribers, etc. Only looking for growth!

So, Of course (knowing me)... My list is much longer than this BUT this is enough to focus on THIS MONTH So that's what I'll do!

What about you?

Comment below ONE goal you'd like to accomplish this Month and remind yourself EVERY Morning! #LetsDoThis!

Thanks so much for reading this post...

Until Next Post,

Heaven Signing Out!

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