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The 5 iPhone Apps I Live By!

The 5 iPhone Apps I Live By!

Hey Babes!

So, I have a confession to make; I'm App-Addicted! I have about 30 Apps on my phone that I use on the weekly sometimes daily basis! It's crazy, I know. But, It organizes my life in such a way that I can't seem to use other things that gives me the same results. Here's a list of the Apps I just swear by:

1. iWish

iWish is an App that I use for my Bucketlist! It literally consists of EVERYTHING I would want to do, accomplish and explore in life  before my life ends. As I check off each one, I take photos and make a scrap book. This way when I'm 80 Years Old in my Home, I can share with my Grandchildren ALL OF THE THINGS I WANTED TO DO AND HOW I DID THEM! Makes me happy just thinking about it! :)

2. Bible

Yes! I Love the Lord and the Lord loves me! With so much going on the world and how grateful I am to just be alive, there's nothing wrong with a little prayer or A LOT of prayer! The Bible app has the BEST plans where I can read scriptures for the day and focus on certain topics that I want to pray about! I just love it! My favorite is the devotionals! Ugh! Nothing like a good Prayer to start the day and end the day and keep the day going. LOL.

3. Bills Manager

Oh My! I have had this App for YEARS! I SWEAR by it! My Wife and I share the bills and we also have so many things that our cards are signed up to that has recurring charges so this app monitors it all. We know what money is going to be taken, the amount and where it's going. It's also good to place when the ConEd, Health Insurance, Phone Bill and everything else is due! We love this app! Great for those who want to keep track of their expenses!

4. Audibe

My NEW Favorite! Yes, I'm a full-fledged Book Worm & remember that Bucketlist I told you about earlier? Well, on that list is an extensive list of books that I'd LOVE to read. So, I purchased books from Amazon with the intent to read them all but after awhile, I was noticing how I didn't have the patience to sit still in silence for hours. With the pace I was going, I would've never finished the books I had. So, I started Audible and was able to finish 2 books in one Month because I was listening to them while I was out and about. I even play the book in the house while I'm getting things done on the computer! Life Saver! Now, I'm able to kill two birds with 1 stone and I LOVE IT!

5. DuoLingo

OMG! Can you believe I'm 15% fluent in Spanish? Yup! I'm pretty proud of it! I can hold conversations now.. at least about simple things like Food and Animals. LOL This is one that I use everyday as my Daily Productive Tasks. Yes! I have things that I make sure I do EVERYDAY just to keep my days productive and on the right track. It's also good to stay on a routine where you can eventually have things accomplished like Learning A New Language! By the time I'm done with this app, I'll be able to say "I Speak English & Spanish" & then, I'll move on to my next language!

So, there you have it! Five iPhone APPs I absolutely swear by and although I have a lot more. I'll still to those 5 for now! What's your favorite App on your phone? Let me know in the comments below! Maybe, I can download a few more. ;)


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