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My Experience at The Project Beauty Expo in NYC

My Experience at The Project Beauty Expo in NYC

Hey Babes!

I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Project Beauty Expo this past Sunday at the White Space in Chelsea.

From their website: PROJECT BEAUTY's goal is to change the standard of how Multicultural women are represented in the beauty industry through an intimate experience. We want to provide a platform for women to CONNECT with Indie Brand Founders, NETWORK with Bloggers, Beauty Enthusiasts, SUPPORT future makers and artisans and provide women education in BEAUTY, WELLNESS, and LIFESTYLE. You can learn all about it at their websitehttp://www.projectbeautyexpo.com/ & the it's founded by a beautiful young woman name Brittany.

I came across PBE's Instagram a few weeks ago & decided that I'll be attending the event. Sunday Afternoon, it was from 1pm to 6pm. I arrived by 2:30pm to "mix & mingle" until 4pm when the Panel happens. As soon as I came in, I was checked in and then given my gift bag. I love gift bags because I like to try independent brands so I become a new customer. A few things I didn't pay attention to was the "EXPO' part of the event's title. LOL! There were so many amazing vendors that I ended up spending way more that I expected to. LOL! The space was also set up to do more shopping than mixing & mingling. As a blogger who attends events alone, I like to NETWORK! Meet people and really mix and mingle, hand out business cards and collect some. Unfortunately, It wasn't a lot of that. Also, The panel seemed AMAZING but the majority of us couldn't see because there were no seats which was unfortunate.

I loved the Vendors! There were some AMAZING brands I had the chance to stop by, fall in love with & become a new customer of. Here are their websites & excepts from their "About" story below:

http://www.curlscourtesyof.com/ is a members-only box and we’re taking an independent approach to curly products. We’ll be curating and delivering only indie hair brands so you can discover and think deeper!


https://www.girlandhair.com/ is The story of Girl+Hair (GirlandHair) starts in 2009 when Founder, Dr. Camille Verovic, former marketing professional turned doctor, sought out to find healthy products to care for her natural hair after her “big chop”. Because of her busy life style, protective styling has always been a great solution. Depending on the season or work schedule ahead, she would choose a preferred protective style, such as hair extensions, crochet braids, wigs, braids, or weaves.


https://butterandnectar.com/ is a line of Satin Pillowcases for Natural Curly Hair that it is so awesome & NECESSARY! "I want other women to experience the benefits that I’ve gained from satin, which is why I’ve created Butter + Nectar. Unlike other pillowcases on the market, Butter + Nectar pillowcases are an affordable luxury, will not shrink or fade, and are easy to wash and care for. I’ve designed the product I wish I had years ago!" - Farah Nerette, Founder | Butter + Nectar

https://hiwildflower.com/ is a beauty line that I fell in LOVE with! "HI Wildflower Botanica is a botanical library of my olfactory experiences and healing formulations that combine exquisite natural ingredients with herbalism + Ayurvedic knowledge. My study came alive through the writing and research of my debut novel, BRIGHT LINES (Penguin, August 2015). The trees and flowers of Brooklyn, my home, and Bangladesh, my motherland, are continual poetic, visual, sensual and botanical inspirations for my creations. I hope you explore + love these products as much as I do, discovering them has been a beautiful experience." - Tanwi Nandini Islam |Founder, Hi Wildflower Botanica.

https://lymphcandy.com/ is a non-toxic, aluminum-free, vegan deodorant that I couldn't wait to try (because I never tried it before) so I purchased the Lemongrass deodorant & I'm loving it so far. I'll be giving a further review on it when I'm done.


https://nastyhands.com/ is a hand cream to keep you smooth and supple for all the sign-carrying, glass-ceiling-shattering, and opinion-piece-penning you might do in a day. Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for resistant hands.


http://www.skotbeaute.com/ Skôt Beauté was born out of a desire to create a luxury line of skincare that is natural, pure, effective and safe for all. I developed the Skôt Beauté Ritual to creste a spa like experience with a simple self care regimen that women will love and my daughters can embrace as a necessary experience and knowing they are entitled to nothing but the best – as a good skincare routine will yield a natural beautiful healthy glow that will boost anyone’s confidence, regardless of age.

https://urbanstems.com/ is an amazing independent flower delivery service where they ship fresh flowers as Headbands, Bouquets & even, Plants to your home.. with Free Delivery, always! How amazing!


These are all either Black, Female or Black & Female owned brands & websites that I''ll love for you all to get familiar with & enjoy just like I am. It's very important to support US as well as supporting events like Project Beauty Expo that supports us as well.

Thanks so much taking the time out to read my post.

Until the Next Event!

Heaven Signing Out...


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