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My Networking Event #OOTD!

My Networking Event #OOTD!

Happy Monday Babes!

Yesterday, Sunday the 13th, I attended the Project Beauty Expo here in NYC. As this is post is for the outfit I wore to the event, I'll post all about the event, the founder & the vendors of #PBE2017 in a later post. As I was getting ready for this event, I thought, "Hmmmm.... What could I wear that says 'Blogger'?" Haha! I know. Don't we all try to look the part? Especially for events?

So, I knew that I didn't to wear something to fitted and tight as I wouldn't be as comfortable & I'm already married, wasn't looking to snag a date. LOL. Then, I knew I didn't want to wear a Skirt so Shorts it was. Jean Shorts! I have a perfect pair that I recent grew out of but thanks to my new diet as a Pescatarian, I was able to fit them again along my waistline ( I had to fight pulling them up... lol).

Because they were a bit fitted, a loose shirt would be ideal. Something bright (because It's Summer, of course) so I had the perfect White Top that I recently purchased from Forever 21 that was ideal. I only wish it didn't hang too low but it was fine with a black bra underneath. To top off the look, I wore my Call It Spring 'Daydia' heels that was a Perfect Match with my Michael Kors purse. It all cam together.

However, Walking in shorter, thicker heels, for me, is always a walk in the park and I assumed because there was a Panel there, that there would be seats. I was sadly mistaking thereforestanding and walking around in these heels for 4 hours proved to be too much & I left before I can get my cute complimentary manicure at the event. I know, I know... "Carry Flats!" Trust me, I would have if I knew that there was nowhere to sit at all. I know for next time.

Take a look at the Outfit Of The Day, shot by www.Instagram.com/ShotByRee

Top is from www.Forever21.com

Bottom is from www.HM.com

Shoes are from www.CallItSpring.com

Purse is from www.MichaelKors.com


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My Experience at The Project Beauty Expo in NYC

My Experience at The Project Beauty Expo in NYC

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