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The Do's & Don'ts of Modeling Castings

The Do's & Don'ts of Modeling Castings

Happy Humpday Babes! 

I recently was asked to assist with a NYFW Model Casting a few days ago so I obliged & helped a friend out. I've known this person for years where I walked many-a-fashion shows under their production company "back in the days" so I had no problem wit helping out a friend. 

During the Modeling Casting, I assisted wit registering the models and I also had the opportunity to watch the models walk. Now, I started modeling around 2009 & modeled consistently for about 3 years before I was over runway modeling. I booked many events, many photo shoots, many many runway shows and made a ton of connections here in NYC. I loved it & was VERY good at it. Now, it's something I do in my spare time but the fierce model walk is still there. 😏😉

Now, to the Do's &  Don'ts of Modeling Castings:

1. DO Arrive On Time. If the modeling casting is from 4p to 6, please do not arrive at 5:52pm or 6:06pm. The earlier the better.  Unless it's in the middle of crazed NYFW Castings & you're running from one to another, but even then you might get the door slammed in your face.


2. DO NOT come empty handed. Modeling Portfolio or Compcard are always preferred, At least a Headshot, if nothing else.

3. DO wear APPROPRIATE attire! I repeat APPROPRIATE attire!  All Black should be mandatory. Plain basic Top, no sleeves, skinny strap with black leggings or fitted black stretchy jeans or black shorts (maybe). Not a 'yeezy style' outfit, not a jean jacket hanging off, not a nightclub dress, not cut-up jeans, etc. The outfit is so important & speak volumes of your professionalism. Also, SHOES! Shoes! Shoes! The standard pointy close-toed black heels are STANDARD, at least 5/6 inches. If it's going to be open toed, as plain as possible but that's usually frowned upon. 


4. DO NOT Be Nervous, It Always Shows! 


5. DO Bring Your Personality! It's so important to show a little of your personality in some part of the casting, even if the walk required is straight runway. Before or after the walk, do something or say something that's very "you".

6. DO NOT take criticism too harsh. Take it & use it. Do not allow it to crush your self-esteem. At least, try not to let it crush your self-esteem, it can be difficult.


7. DO..... WALK FOR YOUR LIFE!  It's the most important part of the casting. I've seen the flyest, prettiest & tallest with the worst walk. Take me for example, I'm 5'8" & always booked shows.... because I showed up & showed out. Never do too much, never do too less. It's difficult to describe how you should walk and because I've been seeing the models in NYC in these shows, I'm heavily considering teaching a runway class in August to properly prepare those in need for NYFW! 🙌🏽


Comment Below Any Other Tips You'd Like To Add! 👇🏽 

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