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My Experience at Fit4All's Fit Fest at Lululemon!

My Experience at Fit4All's Fit Fest at Lululemon!

Hey Babes!

This post is all about Fun, Fitness & Facts. I had the opportunity to attend Fit4All's Fit Fest this past Saturday, June 3rd.

F.I.T. 4 All is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that makes energy-boosting, happiness-building, disease-preventing, and quality-of-life-enhancing exercise more affordable and accessible.

This event was to raise money for the cause & I'm all for the cause. I've never been to Lululemon so it was a delight to see their fashionable workout clothes when I arrived to the location near Union Square. 


The event was downstairs of the store. I was greeted by one of the hostess to be checked in. I immediately noticed the beautiful decor & how everyone was mingling with each other. I headed over to the Smoothie & Snack section where I ordered a Smoothie with fruits & apple juice that literally was the best thing I've EVER tasted. Who knew a Smoothie can be so delicious? I now have a newfound love for Fruit Smoothies, thanks to this event. 

This is a description of the panelists from Fit4All's EventBrite page:

Jenné Claiborne (Founder of Sweet Potato Soul and Co-Founder of Buddhalicious) will give us her insight on how to make a plant-based diet accessible, sustainable, and balanced. Stephanie Schultz (Social Media Coordinator for POP Pilates and POPflex) will share her experiences as a social media influencer in the fitness industry, and how we can navigate various platforms to help (rather than hinder) our personal health and wellness journeys. Corinne Wainer (CAO and founder of SHAKTIBARRE will share what it is like to be an entrepreneur in the wellness industry, and her inspiring story of building the first boutique fitness brand with an active social mission. Sophia Holly (Body Positive Yoga Instructor) will give us her insight on how we can redefine exercise and movement in a way that more lovingly serves our bodies.

The panelists we're amazing & I've become a new follower of their Instagram & Websites to stay updated on the amazing things they're up to. After the panel, there was a Pop Pilates Class that I was quite excited about because I've never even done Pilates. There was a music theme of 90s & 2000s music which definitely kept the fun element in the workout. As far as the workout, it kicked my butt. I was not prepared for the intensity but my body felt AMAZING afterwards. The instructors,  F.I.T. 4 All Founder Caitie Corradino, and Ashley Alberico, Stephanie Schultz, and Erin Simon were incredible.

There were amazing messages like these... 


Feel free to follow this amazing company via the social media shown below.


I absolutely loved these tips, much needed in such a busy world.


I met an amazing woman name Kim & we decided to take a few photos with the IG Cut-Out.


It was so empowering listening to these beautiful women, inside & out, talk about their love for Fitness, Food, Health & Positivity & how it shows hrough their businesses.


Vegan Chef Jenne' Clairborne...


The Events' Panelists with Fit4All's CEO Caitie Corradino.


I definitely would love to attend another event of Fit4All's and recommend everyone else to do the Same! It's all about Women Empowerment & I love it! Be sure to them & all of the amazing panelists listed above.


Thanks for taking the time out to read my post...

Until The Next Blog Post,

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