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Ways To Celebrate Your Marriage for 'Celebrate Your Marriage Day'

Ways To Celebrate Your Marriage for 'Celebrate Your Marriage Day'

Hey Babes! Heaven Here...

It's Saturday, June 24th & It's Celebrate Your Marriage Day! As a Newlywed, I'm finding new way to celebrate our union everyday! So, If you're newlyweds, veterans, madly in love, going through it, in the honeymoon phase, younger or older.... here's a list of way YOU & Your Spouse can celebrate y'all union!

Ways to Celebrate Your Marriage:

1. Take a walk down Memory Lane - Pull out that photo album, watch the ceremony/reception videos all while reminiscing, laughing & drinking wine!


2. Create a Marriage Vision Board - Set out a Cardboard & Some Magazine Cut Outs to make a full on Vision Board of where you both would like to see your future in the next year, 5 years or 10.

3. Gift Each other - It's always the though that counts! Run to the local gift stop & pick up something nice! They'll appreciate it!

4. Toast Each Other - Yaassss! Grab y'all favorite bottle of Wine & those 2 special wine glasses y'all haven't opened yet & "TOAST TO THE GOOD LIFE!' haha! Couldn't help myself. But, Toast to the Past! Present! & Future! *Remember to look each other dead in the eyes!*

5. Photo Shoot - Nothing wrong with updating your photo album! I know Celebrate Your Marriage Day is Today so maybe booking someone would be too much last minute. Doesn't mean you can't get someone to take a few flicks of y'all outside in front of that brick wall. Get dressed up real CAYUTE & show off each other!

6. Date Recreation - Yes! One of my faves! Re-create one of your favorite date sin the past! Fall in love all over again!

7. Have a 'PDA' Moment - You're outside enjoying this beautiful Saturday weather. Stop! Stand in front of your spouse & pull them closer & then, *drumroll* go in for that Killer Kiss! Y'all know the one! Where y'all get all hot & bothered, knees buckle, butterflies show up & things start happening *wink,wink*. Then, continue on with the day! This is a celebration of Y'all. If people stare, it's even better. Let 'Em!

8. Love Letter - Write a sweet love letter pouring out your heart & spray your perfume on it... That's always a nice touch.

9. Go On A Date - Dress Up, take your time, get sexy for your boo & go OUT to eat, to a bar, dancing.. doesn't matter! As long as you both are together!

10. Take A Shower Together!

11. Go On A Quick Little Cruise around Your City.

12. Last but not LEAST: Make Loooovvvvveeeeeeee! Yup! No better way of celebrating each other than intimacy! Learn a new trick or three, slip on something sexy & umm... Celebrate!


Hope you like my post of 'Ways to Celebrate Your Marriage'

Be sure to comment below anything you'd like to add to the list & how you've decided to celebrate your Marriage Today! I'll be doing a little bit of everything to celebrate our union! :)



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