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What I Love About the "New Harlem"

What I Love About the "New Harlem"

Hey Babes,

I've become obsessed. Yes! Obsessed with The New Harlem. The updated, improved Harlem, where there's Starbucks, upcoming Whole Foods and INDEPENDENTLY OWNED BUSINESSES.

Yes! You can walk up blocks like Frederick Douglass Boulevard & see nothing but Boutique Wineries, Galleries, Clothing Stores, Coffee Shops & Restaurants. It's one of the most of the most refreshing things I've ever witnessed. Harlem has definitely transformed into a trendy & chic neighborhood over the past year & two. I'm such a fan of the transition that I find myself visiting Harlem a lot more often than usual.

One place in particular stood out. It's the Harlem Wine Gallery. 

 It was perfect! The space was cozy, warm & welcoming. I couldn't help but notice the walk display that was so unique & so creative. There was a nice collection of wines and a display of a specific drink for tasting at the time. The wine was warmed up & mixed with herbs that came out to be the PERFECT drink. I've never had warm wine before. I chose the bottle of wine I wanted to purchase (which lasted a Good week back home & a very delicious Moscato might I add). Want to know the cherry  on the pie of the Harlem Wine Gallery? It's independently owned by a Married Couple!  Woooo Hoooo for Small Businesses! As a fellow entrepreneur, it was all the more reason to support & heat all about their story. My Wife & I ended up speaking to them about everything from Harlem to Entrepreneurship for about 30 minutes. They are beautiful inside & out and I urge you to visit & support their business & tell them Heaven Sent Ya!  

The Beautiful Wall Display. 


The Delicious Bottle Of Moscato I Purchased. 


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