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The PROs & CONs of Box Braids!

The PROs & CONs of Box Braids!

Hey Babes! Heaven Here...

So, I've recently changed my hairstyle & got *drumroll* BOX BRAIDS!

So, Box Braids are individual plaits that are usually divided by small squared off parts or boxes. They may be of any width or length, but most women add synthetic or natural hair to the braid for length as well as thickness and fullness.

This is about my sixth time getting box braids. I am Black & growing up, this was a hairstyle that my Grandmother, Mother & Aunts wore periodically. It's definitely used to protect your natural hair and help it grow. It has always been a trend & around for decades. The first time I got box braids, I was a teenager and it was famously worn by Brandy at the time so the Tiny sized braids were the THING TO ROCK. Then, recently, the "Janet Jackson from Poetic Justice" trend has returned and taken the box braid world by storm & reintroduced to the newer generations by bloggers and all of the influential women on Instagram.

Now, here are my Pros & Cons:

Box Braids PRO:

1. Your Hair Is DONE... Hello?!? That is really enough to end the PRO list. You wake up & it's done & you're falling asleep with it done. That saves about an HOUR on hair everyday.

2. It makes your hair grow. Yes! No matter the weather & as long as you properly grease your scalp and take care of the braids, it always seems as though your natural hair grows a little faster with box braids.

3. It saves a TON of Money. Yes! The cost of getting the Box Braids is about $100 but it's so worth it. Let me explain: I get a Wash & Set that costs about $60 every 2 weeks ($120/Mo.) & sometimes, when I don't want to style my natural hair or deal with in the Summer, I buy wigs that can run me up to $80 per wig. I know what you're thinking: "Well! How long do you keep the braids in for?" I keep them in for about 2 Months. I'll do 3 Months if I get the front box braids re-twisted (so they can look fresh).

4. They're perfect for VACATIONS! This is primarily the reason why I got them & usually the reason why you see the RHOA or BBWLA cast get them before they go on trips. For, us Black Girls, natural hair frizzes in humidity and weaves/wigs aren't the most comfortable on the beach soooo Box Braids wins every time. They're convenient, can get wet & dry easily without the hassle.


Box Braids CONs:

1. They can be very HEAVY. Depending on how thick and long the braids are, they can feel like a ton on your head which makes it very difficult to sleep with & style easily.

2. They are not the best thing for edges! I repeat, Not good for your edges! Be sure to tell your hairstylist to leave your baby hairs OUT of those front braids. LOL. I've already had thin edges all of my life & every time, I've gotten box braids where they snatched the little hairs I did have, I ended up having less & having long hair with no edges is NOT cute.

3. They can be deemed "unprofessional". Of course, we know a Hairstyle is just a Hairstyle but if you working in the corporate world, there may be some side-eyes and whispers. I only know this because it happened to me when I had them BUT luckily, I have a "Don't Care" attitude so I didn't care. lol


Well, that's all of the PROs & CONs I could really think of. Basically, It helps your natural hair grow but can be very uncomfortable due to the weight of them. Other than that, it's another FABULOUS hairstyle that you just have to try if you haven't already.


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