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The Pros & Cons Of My New Pescatarian Lifestyle!

The Pros & Cons Of My New Pescatarian Lifestyle!

It was August 19th 2017 & I watched  “What The Health” on Netflix. I was floored for hours. It was late night and I immediately went to my Snapchat to declare the END of my Consumption Of Meat! I’ve watched Animal slaughtering videos before and of course, reacted but nothing to this magnitude. The documentary was so in detail about not just the killing of animals but the hidden agenda of large corporations and doctors and the government, etc. They want us sick! They want us to be fed this garbage so we can be sick where they benefit the most! I got the message they was conveying. But the MOST CONVINCING part of the documentary was the end; How they all FELT after changing their diet and me being anemic and usually of low energy, I craved it the feeling to feel ALIVE & HEALTHY. So, I said “No More!” 

So, I came up with a plan to eat only seafood. Steak and Pork Chops were something I ate on the REGULAR basis and that was very difficult to IGNORE what was in my fridge. I headed over to my nearest Whole Foods and went good shopping just as I would’ve at my other food markets. This time it was Fruit, Vegetables, Seafood and many alternatives to the regular foods I eat, healthy alternatives. I did it! I cooked and ate and cooked and ate and cooked and ate the same few meals. This went on for days and weeks and then before I knew it, It was 2 Months! What?!?! 2 Months & I haven’t eaten red meat OR chicken?!?! No way! 😩

I’ll say this... it’s not as easy as it seems when you’re in the MIDDLE of NYC and there’s fast food everywhere and all of the quick meals you used to order for lunch is not “healthy” anymore and then you realize you get tired of coming up with new and innovative ways to eat a meal. I found myself having lazy moments! It was too much, too technical, sometimes overwhelming to go to restaurants ESPECIALLY on trips and out of an entire meal, order the ONLY salmon on shrimp on the menu. A lot of the times they weren’t filling and you find yourself hungry all over again.

With this, I still stuck it out! I thought for the longhaul. I have to feel better and I have to do my part and just rely on doctors to make me healthier! So 2 Months became 3 & I was now proud and boasting about it! So why is this post “4 Months” as a Pescatarian? Because I lost count! I started to have a Turkey Bacon, Egg & Cheee sandwich and Turkey Ground Beef With Spaghetti.

It was no longer consistent but still very relevant in my life! I’m very proud of myself! I don’t eat burgers anymore and have fell HEAD OVER HEELS in LOVE with Sofritas Chipotle Bowl which I replace the Steak a Bowl for. It tastes much better! I still indulge in Salmon, Salads, Fries, Rice, Veggies, Salmon and Fish on the daily basis, along with Water & Apple Cider Vinegar.

You can always keep up with #HeavenCooks on my Snapchat which is “HeavenBendel” where I make a lot of my Pescatarian dishes as well as meal prepping (something I’ve recen started).

The overall Pros: 


- I feel much better physically.

- It feels good to know you’re not damaging your body or apart of the demand of killing cows and other animals.

- You learn many new ways to make meals. 


The overall Cons:

- Whole Foods & Other “Health Conscious” Places aren’t as affordable as other supermarkets.  

- Seafood options aren’t available in many restaurants and if there are, the proportions are quite small.

- Eating healthy with quick, affordable meals  can be a struggle.

- I’ve gotten tired of eating the same things after I’ve eliminated so many foods and ingredients.

- Many “organic” foods can taste artificial which make you miss the real thing! 


Thanks so much for reading this post...

Until Next Post,

Heaven Signing Out!

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