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What Hidden Figures & Fences taught me?

What Hidden Figures & Fences taught me?

Hey Ladies & Gents! Heaven Here...

Happy Hump Day! So, I really had this heavy on my mind after I watch both movies, Hidden Figures and Fences. Now, I've watched thousands of movies, of all types. It's actually my favorite past time and there's not ONE Black Movie I haven't seen during it's release week (I like to support US!)

The moment I walked out of the Movie Theater after watching Hidden Figures, something in me changed, instantly. I was motivated, I was proud and I was INSPIRED! What an incredible message! How inspiring! Wow! These women, smart and brave women, faced adversity after adversity and never stopped. They broke barriers, took chances and bent rules to WIN! They didn't allow anyone or anything get in their way of what they wanted. The movie didn't focus on their body or their beauty, it was about their INTELLIGENCE. All about what they know!

What this has done for me? Well, It reminded me that my MIND is my Most Important Tool! Igraduated College with my First degree in 2009. Discouraged and frustrated from some mishaps with my Financial Aid that forced me to be kicked out mid-semester, I decided that I'll just work until everything was squared away. Well, it's 2017! Yes, I graduated EIGHT YEARS AGO with an amazing GPA. I can't believe I've allowed TWO FULL PRESIDENTIAL TERMS to pass right by me without me finishing what I started. Every year, I promised myself to commit to resolving any necessary issues to be able to return to school but before I knew it, another year has passed!

Wow! Talk about disappointed in myself?!?! This movie made me KICK myself in the Ass. What am I waiting for? What's holding me back? What am I doing? What have I done? How could I allow myself to let this much time go? NOT Another Year! No Way! This September, I'll be enrolling back into School & I'll be going all the way until I reach MY Personal Goal; Achieving My MBA! This is what Hidden Figures have done for me.

Fences? Much more simple lesson in Fences. I've learned to NOT stand in the same spot. To move, to grown, to evolve, to learn, to expand, to LIVE! The lesson I learned from the characters played by Denzel & Viola was to not be who the characters ended up to be and that was less than what they WANTED to be, Not their FULL potential. I want to leave this Earth knowing I was living my life to it's Full Potential.

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