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Marriage Mondays: Mutual Expectations!

Marriage Mondays: Mutual Expectations!

Hey Babes & Happy Monday!

I've decided to bring back "Marriage Mondays" where I talk about All Things Marriage and what I'm learning everyday as being a Wife!

Today's Topic is: Mutual Expectations!

  • What do you expect from a marital partner regarding emotional support during exciting times, sad times, periods of illness and job loss?

Life is going to be difficult! We only get one and we go through many ups and downs while we're going through this journey! It's much better to go through it with someone who will be there for you emotionally. So, I expect to have a Life Partner that I can lean on and one who can lean on me.

  • What size house is important and in what kind of neighborhood do you hope to live in both now and in the future?

We aren't really big on a specific size home. At this moment, we're interested in a City Apartment in a neighborhood that's safe and cultured and great for raising children. We'd like to purchase a home within the next 5 to 10 years.

  • Do you agree how much time is appropriate to give to work?

Right now, My Wife spends a lot of time at work and it can take over other things in her life. Being that we don't have children, we can find time around her work schedule to spend time together but I know when we decide to grow our family, things will need to change & we came up with a few options we can explore when the time come.


Please comment below your take on the topic, your experiences, your thoughts or questions on this post below.

Until next Monday's Post, Brides & Wives!

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Happy Easter!

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March 6th.