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Marriage Mondays: 10 Ways to Keep The Passion Alive!

Marriage Mondays: 10 Ways to Keep The Passion Alive!

Hey Babes... It's Heaven here.

Happy March & Happy Monday! As you all know by now, Every Monday, I blog about topics regarding Marriage titled #MarriageMonday where I discuss things that I'm experiencing as a Newlywed as well as things I'll need advice on. This is for my fellow Brides to Be & Wives. Please feel free to comment below or under the #MarriageMonday post on my Instagram (@HeavenTheQuaintrelle).

Now, on to the topic of the evening is "Keep the Passion Alive".

Are you still crushing on your Spouse? Are y'all still flirting? Are y'all dating? I have the biggest crush on my Wife. It's like, if we weren't married and I saw her somewhere, I'd definitely want to give her my number, I'm so attracted to her.. I'm still shy! I still blush! We still flirt. Not only that! But, she really likes me, as well! She sweats me like I'm the hottest thing in the world. I've recently put on weight and she seems to be obsessed with it! :) This is a good feeling! You know? When you and your Man or your Woman is in this sexy space! this hot space! this passionate space! Because.... We all know that it can be the exact opposite.

I'm a HOPELESS ROMANTIC! So, I expect Roses, Love Making and Movie Nights everyday. I'm upset when it's not like that. I get angry, I get annoyed when there's no fireworks, no passion 24/7. I'm CURRENTLY learning that "It's Okay" when that passion is on PAUSE! When it stops because it's time for serious conversations and bills and necessary arguments for necessary resolutions. I'm learning that Marriage is exactly that! Both! Both Passionate and Serious! Both Stressful and Fun! Both Hot and Cold!

With that being said, these are periods in the marriage and moments in the relationship. Hey! If you're making passionate love for months straight with no arguing? KUDOS TO BOTH OF Y'ALL! Haha... That's a great thing! Unfortunately, I don't feel the same if it was the other way around. Arguing for months and months with no resolution can cause stress and strain on the relationship. Have Children? That energy transfers to them! Have Jobs? What goes on in your house can always effect your work ethic! There's been times in my relationship where I thought "This Is Too Much! We're arguing everyday. She's not getting it! I'm not getting it! We're not seeing eye to eye." and it's what I thought about everyday, all day. We needed to get out of that FUNK and come back to what we know... & that's loving on each other!

The first step to getting out of the FUNK and getting that passion back is RESOLVING any Issue that caused the problem in the first place. We needed to sit down, talk it out and come to a common ground because THAT'S WHAT MARRIAGE IS ALL ABOUT! :) Now, on to keeping the passion alive! Here are a few things that can on your day to day to set the mood, ease the tension or just keep the momentum::

1. Plan a massage night where you each take turns serving the other.

2. Take turns discussing what’s the most frustrating part of your sex life; brainstorm ways to overcome them.

3. Create a relaxing environment (think candles, soft music, scented lotion).

4. Show A LOT of skin in the bedroom, while getting ready for bed.

5. Bring the board games into the bedroom and make up new rules.

6. Play Truth or Dare, using questions and dares that are all about the bedroom.

7. Discover each others' love language, and then act on it!

8. Turn off the screens and go for a walk together. Hold hands.

9. Look at old photo albums of your dating years and wedding ceremony. Recite your vows again.

10. Plan to meet at a restaurant or date venue, rather than going there together.

Mmmmm.... What a good list right? As a matter fact, I think I'm going to try to knock out half of this list as soon as possible. Especially, #10! Whooo! That's Hot! Imagine.. Some heels and your freakum dress at a bar & then BOOM! Bae walk in and you just sitting there looking like a SNACK! Y'all lock eyes and start talking like y'all just met! Haha! Now, that's what you call Spicy! Never know where y'all might end up that evening! ;)

Please comment below your take on the topic, your experiences,  your thoughts, questions or any additions to the list... on this post below.


Until next Monday's Post, Brides & Wives!

Heaven G.A


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