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Marriage Mondays: Meaning Of Your Marriage Commitment!

Marriage Mondays: Meaning Of Your Marriage Commitment!

Hey Babes & Happy Monday!

I've decided to bring back "Marriage Mondays" where I talk about All Things Marriage and what I'm learning everyday as being a Wife!

Today's Topic is: Meaning of Your Marriage Commitment!

  • What commitment meant to me as I made plans to walk down the aisle:

I knew that Marriage wasn't something to take lightly. I was aware of the commitment that was being made and "thought" I was prepared! Now, that I'm 2 Years into my Marriage, there's a lot of things that wasn't discussed and there's things about my Wife that I didn't realize could potentially be a problem as far as running the household and having children. All things we actively work on and discuss.

  • Of all of the persons in my life that I have met and could have married, why did I choose my your partner:

I've been in three other relationships prior to this one that all lasted at least 3 Years. Those relationships ended because there were many issues that weren't overall resolved and would keep surfacing. We were also very young and lived in a very selfish stage in our lives. I chose my current partner to Marry because there was a friendship that I cherished, a bond that was different and the willingness to be committed to our plans from her and myself.

  • What attracted me to my partner initially and what do I believe me partner will help me become:

What attracted me to my Wife was her chivalry and how she was hard-working and responsible. She was living with a roommate when I met her and she was paying pills, rent and taking care of her home and everything was nice and tidy. That was impressive! She also had two degrees and the willingness to get what she want. That was all impressive to me! I believe she will me become the best person I can be!



Please comment below your take on the topic, your experiences, your thoughts or questions on this post below.

Until next Monday's Post, Brides & Wives!

Heaven G.A


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