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Dare to go RED This Fashion Week!

Dare to go RED This Fashion Week!

Hey Dolls! It's Officially Fashion Week, here in NYC & we're so excited! We as in all of the Fashionistas & Boss Babes such as yourself. I know we wait all year for this time to rise to the occasion & soar in the moment. It's all about being BOLD! DARING! CONFIDENT! What better way to do this than with Red Lips & Red Nails?

With so many women in one place at the same time, it's all about standing out from the crowd & being seen without doing too much. Nothing does that better than Red Nails & Red Lips.

Red Lips says Bold, Creative, Outgoing, Outspoken, Risk-Taker & most of all, Confidence! You have to be one Bad Ass to pull off a Red Lip. As well as pulling off Red Nails. You have to own it. Do it & Own it, all week! make it work with all of your looks & shy from it.

It attracts people in the industry to stare & when they stare, they compliment. Complimenting leads to a conversation & there you have it, you're networking! Don't rely on the RED to do all the work but definitely allow it to speak for you as you walk in a room.

I personally wear Lashed by Black Chyna's Cherry Bomb Liquid Lipstick & Christian Louboutin's Red Nail Polish. This pair always work for me. Now, I hope you get your fresh Mani & pick up that new lip color. Oh & I hope to see you out & about. 

I'm the one with the Red. :)

Until Next Post, Dolls!

Heaven G.A

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