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#WeddingWednesdays: Let's Discuss Second Weddings & Vow Renewals.

#WeddingWednesdays: Let's Discuss Second Weddings & Vow Renewals.

Hello Brides!

So, As my readers already know, I recently married the love of my life last April in a Beach Ceremony of Key Biscayne in Florida with a Reception in NYC last July. My! My! My! I was way in over my head with the planning but there are so many things I wish I knew. So, here I am to help you with that. I have began #WeddingWednesdays on my blog to discuss ALL THINGS WEDDINGS because how can I not? I'm obsessed with everything that falls under Bridal & Wedding.

Now, on to the topic of the day: "Second Weddings & Vow Renewals"

So, We counted down, we plotted, planned, we got excited, we got nervous & we waited... We waited years, months, day, hours & yes, minutes for this big day to be Cinderella & marry our sweethearts! Then BOOM! It's Over! The hype! The excitement! The special treatment! The fairy tale! Now, Don't get me wrong! You're now married to the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE & it don't get no magical then that! But, on the flip side, your magical day has passed & there's a bit of sadness there... just a tiny bit!

There's actually a phrase called "Post Wedding Blues" where the Bride is bummed that excitement of the Wedding is gone! It's a real thing & here's my blog post all about it:

Now, I've definitely experienced it & still am, for so many reasons. My wedding ceremony was absolutely magical BUT my reception was not the best of my days. It wasn't my fairy tale reception and definitely was overshadowed by other stuff soooo My Wife & I are re-doing it! We are renewing our vows on our 2nd wedding anniversary during our honeymoon in Hawaii and then we are having our DREAM Wedding Reception on our 5th Year Wedding Anniversary! Just 4 Years away.... & more than enough time to plan our magical day the RIGHT way!

Here's my thoughts on Second Weddings and Vow Renewals: We only LIVE ONE TIME! It's Our Lives and we can't CARE about what others think or what they're going to SAY because we'll NEVER be happy if we did! We have to do what's in our hearts and what makes us Happy! My Wife feels the same way I do so it's a DONE DEAL & it should be for you too!

Get married every year, Have 100 receptions & 100 honeymoons! Whatever makes you happy and works for your MARRIAGE... Do It! But, If you had your dream ceremony and reception the first go 'round, good for YOU & enjoy MARRIED LIFE!


Stay tuned for the next #WeddingWednesdays post..... Next Wednesday!

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