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Stay On Top Of These Fall Trends!

Happy Friday Dolls! It's Friday & Officially Fall. In honor of the season change, I'll be discussinga lot about Fall Fashion, Fall Make-up & Fall Activities! Today, I'm going to let you in on a bit of the tea.. *whispers* come closer, Fall Trends are IN, Honey! So, here are a few trends to be aware of when changing around that closet and adding more pieces to your wardrobe.

Fall Trends:

1. Pretty & Edgy - the element of the gorgeous girl who don't mind taking risks. Mixing prints and having a bit of edge & softness combined.

2. Luxe Eclectic - Doesn't take a genius to see what this trend is. If it shines, you're wearing in the in-crowd! :)

3. Sporty Cool - It's 2016 & now more than ever, it's actually cool to wear your gym clothes as an outfit.... Just don't try to go to a bar or ball. They may not let you in. :)

4. Girls Club - We basically look good in anything... if it's styled the right way. We prove this with this trend where it's cool look like one of the guys.

5. Military - Styling anything with the hue of an Army Green or Army Fatigue.

Now, that you see what's the current trends, What are your faves?!?

Comment Below! :)

Until Next Post, Dolls!

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