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5 Ways Boss Babes Can Build Their Brand!

5 Ways Boss Babes Can Build Their Brand!

Hey Babes! Heaven Here....

Happy Motivation Monday! Hope you woke up this Morning with your Motivated cap on because we are nearing the end of the THIRD Month of the New Year and those New Year's Resolutions aren't going to get checked off themselves!

One thing that is difficult for entrepreneurs is.... building their brand. So, Today I decided to give you 6 ways to build your brand. These are ways that I'm currently building mine and I'm sure they'll help you as well!

1. Take the time to follow up on social media posts from the week. If you don;t know already, you should have posted the previous week 3 to 5 posts of yourself, locations, food, etc. and by now, you should have new followers, new likes and new comments. Be sure to follow up with your new followers and respond to your new comments. You can also return likes to those who liked your content. It's all about networking virtually. If you have any product posts, check them for comments and be sure to follow up on any potential new clients.

2. Plan out your content for next week. Consistently posting on all social media platforms will help your business. Since many still work 9-5 and may not have the time to remember to post everyday, create a schedule on the weekend . Add Hoot-suite or even just add it to your Google calendar to set reminders for the next week. Consistency builds trust on your page and can turn those likers/commenters into buyers or subscribers to your site.

3. THIS IS A BIG ONE: Check out networking events by searching under hashtags #WomenInBusiness #BloggerEvent #NYCEvent (of where you are residing). For me, #NYCEvents & #NYCEvent is the MOST SUCCESSFUL hashtags finding networking events! (Can't believe I just shared that Jewel.... Many people don't know that! LOL) Also, Always carry your business cards, Promotional pens and social media cards as they are great to have on hand to pass out.

4. Connect with other entrepreneurs. Many have down time on the weekends, so its the perfect time to email and not worry about getting caught up in the busy weekday emails. Seek out opportunities to guest blog, offer product reviews, or just a friendly hello email to someone whose work you admire.

5. For bloggers, plan out your posts for next week. Time permitting, type them up and schedule them to post next week, making one less item to do. Create graphics and do any needed research. This is something I do EVERY Weekend so throughout the week, All I have to do is promote and share my latest public post that was already scheduled.


Thanks so much for reading my Blog Post..

I hope these 5 tips helped you on this beautiful Monday!

Until The Next Blog Post,

Heaven Signing Out...

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