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How to Dress Up Your Jean Shorts for Date Night with Bae!

Hey Dolls!

So, It's Summer Time & Has Been VERY Hot Outside. Jean Shorts has been my go-to since the 90 degree mark has made anything to wear unbearable. I've been wearing them to run errands, walk my dog & everything else I do on a daily basis.

Then, there was Date Night! The romantic date night where you want your spouse with red lips, high heels and a long flowy dress. But, with the humidity has been set up, I wanted to stick to my comfy jean shorts. Only this top, I couldn't pair it to some Sneaker and a Tank. I had to make it cute and sexy, you know, dress it up a bit.

So, what I did was... Pair my cute Jean shorts with a Cute Knitted Top from Zara. I actually wore the Zara top backwards, cutting of the tag that were now in the front to make the top sexier. I also wore my date night earrings (real statement pieces) and finished off the look with my Call It Spring heels that happen to match perfectly with my Zara top.

Okay Dolls.. Yay or Nay & Don't be shy to tell me Why!

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