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Wedding Wednesday: 5 Things That Do Not Need To Be On The TOP Of Your To-Do List!

Wedding Wednesday: 5 Things That Do Not Need To Be On The TOP Of Your To-Do List!

Hello Brides!

So, As my readers already know, I recently married the love of my life last April in a Beach Ceremony of Key Biscayne in Florida with a Reception in NYC last July. My! My! My! I was way in over my head with the planning but there are so many things I wish I knew. So, here I am to help you with that. I have began #WeddingWednesdays on my blog to discuss ALL THINGS WEDDINGS because how can I not? I'm obsessed with everything that falls under Bridal & Wedding.

Today's Topic is : "These Things Can Wait!"

1. So, the first thing you're going to think about BUT you really don't need to is YOUR DRESS! Trust Me! There are literally 20 Million dresses to choose from. If you begin searching for one, you're be stressed out immediately! Dresses also are determined by the season & the location of your wedding sooooo the wedding dress shopping CAN WAIT!

2. Your seating chart can wait! Yes, do not put this on the top of your list. It will literally drive you over the edge. There's so much that goes before this like choosing a date, sending invites, counting RSVPs and all of that other stuff before you'll have to do this so yes Seating Charts CAN WAIT!

3. Choosing your bridesmaids dresses. Choosing their dresses comes after your wedding party is super confirmed and solidified to be standing next to you. The same reason applies from why you should wait to buy your own dress. It depends on location and season as well.

4. Planning Your Honeymoon! LOL.... I really hope no one jumps the gun this far ahead! Hey! No judging BUT Boo, let's focus on the task at hand. Your honeymoon is ways away! Honestly, My Wife & I are about to celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary & aren't having our honeymoon until our SECOND year wedding anniversary! We have our reasons... LOL!

5. THE LEGAL STUFF can wait! Yes! The legal stuff! Now, this is probably the least stressful of all, the easiest and the smoothest so YUP! This CAN WAIT!


Yay! Those are my 5 Things That Can Wait! Hope this helped your Wedding Planning.

Stay tuned for the next #WeddingWednesdays post..... Next Wednesday!


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