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My Weddding Trip In Miami...

Hey Babes!

So, I took a trip to Miami for the FIRST time this past April (April 26th to the 29th). I booked the flights round trip through Kayak with Delta. Kayak is an amazing site for affordable flights and Delta was an incredible airline as they gifted My Wife & I for our upcoming wedding ceremony (the Wedding Dress on the airplane made it pretty obvious) with a bottle of wine & a sweet note (photo will be on my IG @HeavenTheQuaintrelle). The Check was quick & easy, the Pilot and Flight Attendants were the kindest and I absolutely enjoyed my flight to Miami & back home to NYC. Delta Airlines is my only airline from now for my upcoming trips.

Once we arrived in Miami, I called our Hotel (that was booked through Booking.com for about $800 for 3 nights). The Hotel was The Riviera Suites Miami Beach and they had a Shuttle Bus that came to the Miami International Airport every hour. The Shuttle Bus' Driver had an amazing personality and perked all the guests up (after long flights, our energy was pretty low). I also appreciated his thorough check to see if the passengers for the shuttle bus were also guests of the actual hotel (I'm all about safety).

The Hotel Itself? ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! The Decor, The Colors, The Vibe, The Ambiance, everything was absolutely breathtaking. The Check In Process? ABSOLUTELY HELL! The only thing that made up for the horrific check in experience was the knock on the door 15 minutes later. We received a bottle of wine from the Supervisor on duty which made me feel a lot at the time (I was really annoyed). The room was beautiful, very small but I figured it was because of the balcony so it was great overall. There's a restaurant on the lower floor which was delicious and the pool on the hotel's rooftop is beautiful (photos on my IG @HeavenTheQuaintrelle). The location was ideal (5 minutes from South Beach) and it was also a PLUS that there was a convenient store right across the street. The Hotel, overall, was a 4 out of 5 & I'd gladly stay there again. :)

Our Wedding was in the Evening so we woke early the next day to take care of the necessary paperwork for the Wedding Ceremony. We were now Downtown Miami which was further from South Beach then we thought. I decided to do my pampering Downtown Miami where I assumed there would be tons of salons to choose from. Boy! Was I wrong! I walked blocks and blocks before I found Cabellos Beauty Salon. Now that's what I was looking for! A Fancy Salon that looks like they know what they're doing. I was a walk-in (obviously) and the nail tech gladly squeezed me before & after her 3PM appointment (who only needed to fix one nail). I was so lucky & she did an AMAZING job. I love neat, clean and beautiful salons. It exceeded my expectations that I just had to tip generously. I'll definitely be back my next trip to Miami.

Then, it was time for our Wedding Ceremony at Crandon Park Beach in Key Biscayne, FL. We hired Small Miami Weddings for the entire ordeal. They were extremely helpful, attentive and wonderful then entire time. We had an incredible wedding ceremony on the beach & I'll definitely be discussing it more on my posts for #WeddingWednesday. But, It was absolutely BREATHTAKING.

We, then, headed to Rusty Pelican Miami which was close to the beach where we married. Talk about Stunning! Being that it was my 1st time in Miami, it was important to eat at a restaurant that really allowed me to see the beauty of the City & Rusty Pelican did exactly that. My Wife & I were dressed in our wedding attire (just leaving from our beautiful wedding ceremony) so we drew attention which was expected. First, we were seated at table that wasn't the best for the occasion. Then, no thanks to the Hostess & all thanks to one of the servers, we were moved to the BEST TABLE IN THE RESTAURANT THAT WAS OUTDOORS. We were so happy. We also had didn't have an official server for our server so the Manager On Duty stepped up to personally make sure we were good the entire night. It was great! The food was delicious, the drinks were just how I like them, Sweet & Strong, the ambiance was nice and THAT VIEW was breathtaking. I also personally enjoyed the added touch of Fire when the sunset. (photos will be on my IG @HeavenTheQuaintrelle). Thanks to the Amazing Manager that was on Duty the night of April 26th and the server who personally took our optics because our phones died. They made the experience exceptionally enjoyable! :)

It was a bonus to the ending of our wedding night to return to our hotel & be welcomed with a round of applause from the other guests at the restaurant on the lower floor. :)

The next day was TOURIST DAY IN MIAMI for us, New Yorkers. Our first stop was, of course, SOUTH BEACH! Thanks to our Hotel Riviera Hotel South Beach, we were given beach towels and a pass for the beach. We headed to the beach early in the Morning & sat in the section with our hotel's name and was able to get real comfy underneath an umbrella. This beach was quiet, beautiful, relaxing and makes NY beaches look like they have a lot of upgrading to do. We were later greeted with a Beach Attendant that informed us that it cost $20 to be under the umbrella which was fine. Then, another attendant came around to offer drinks and of course, I had to try one. The idea of openly drinking a cocktail on the beach was exciting in itself but the drink was basically juice. Overall,  The South Beach is breathtaking, the water is such a beautiful blue, the sand is clean and the attendants are hospitable.

We, then headed to Wet Willies and Fat Tuesdays because they were infamous for their drinks here in New York. Everyone I know goes to these two places while in Miami so it was a must for us. Fat Tuesdays' drink was delicious, strong and the small was LARGE. Surprisingly, the inside looked like a DUNGEON. It was so dark and nothing like the other places on Ocean Drive. I was shocked at the inside but was satisfied by the drink and sat at their seats outside anyway (photos on my IG @HeavenTheQuaintrelle). Fat Tuesdays was a bit packed but I loved the setup of the balcony and upstairs. We didn't have to be secluded inside, enjoyed the view while we drank. The customer service was good, the drinks? ON ANOTHER LEVEL OF TASTY & STRONG! and I, overall, enjoyed both. Wouldn't pick one over the other. Wet Willies & Fat Tuesdays should both be visited while in Miami. Preferably, NOT back to back, if you're a lightweight.

After a quick shower and outfit change at the Hotel, We headed to Steak Brasil Churrascariaa. What an amazing experience this was! We went around 4PM, It was All You Can Eat and only about 8 other guests. It was quiet, peaceful and clean. The customer service was fantastic and the food was DELICIOUS! The spin on this restaurant is that the food is buffet style and you can get the Salads and Starches that way BUT the Meat is presented to you by a server who slices a piece off in front of you as long a you have a card that's flipped up on your table that says something like "Yes" or "Keep 'Em Coming". Ha! How amazing is that? Didn't take long for us to full and glad that we picked that restaurant before any other restaurant in Miami.

Right after, We headed to a Miami Boat Tour near the Bayside of Downtown Miami. We were able to set a good view of the other islands near Miami including Star Island which is where all of the stars live. It was the perfect ending of our tour day and perfect beginning to our night where we were about to see BEYONCE!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Now.... The Beyonce Formation Concert was LIFE, Of Course! But the stadium it was held in was absolutely horrible as far as their employees go. There was no organization and it cost us the opening act of the concert which would've been a good bonus for the money we spent for the tickets.

Concluding this Miami Wedding Trip Recap, It was better than we imagined and everything we dreamed of. We fell so much in love with the city that we're thinking about returning to Florida for our Honeymoon. Guess we'll see soon. :)

See you for #MarriageMondays & #WeddingWednesdays!





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