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My NYC Restaurant Reviews 2016... So Far!

Hey Dolls!

My Oh My! Do I Love Food?!? Yes, I am one that indulge in going out to eat. If I can eat at a restaurant every night, I would definitely take advantage of that option. Well, Being a NYC Girl, that isn't very difficult. I'm minutes away from Hell's Kitchen, Times Square & Lincoln Center & after living here half of my life, I have had my share of exploring! So, in this post, I'll be reviewing the restaurants I've had a pleasure of enjoying!


Limon Jungle:

I first came to this restaurant because I purchased a Groupon. Entering the place, it's quite small & cozy. There's 2 sides of the place, almost like a Restaurant & a Cafe in two. One side seems a bit more romantic than the other side. I've always dined on the left side. Anyhow, I enjoyed the food, the drinks and ambiance so much that it has become my Wife & I's regular spot. It's never crowded and loud. I watched the Super Bowl here & frequent the bar quite often. Not too mention the music and the affordable prices. it's really a hidden gem in Hell's Kitchen.

Don Coqui:

Wow! So the infamous Don Coqui. It is quite popular here in NYC. So, My Wife decided to make a reservation without telling me & taking me here as a surprise. I was shocked to see that it doubled as a Club. Very loud music (if you're into that) as well as a very bright dining area. I loved the food, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the drinks & I loved the service. The only thing I wished was that the lighting wasn't so orange... Couldn't get any good photos of what I had but trust, it was delicious! :)


Such an adorable restaurant! Small, Cozy, Quiet, Romantic.. Ideal for a date. My Wife and I enjoyed Dinner here. The AC wasn't working near our table so it was a little warm. Other than that, The service was Okay, the food was Okay ( I had Steak Frites) and the Bottle of Wine was delicious. I'll definitely come here again. :)

Ariel's Latin Bistro:

Okay. So, I was in search of a new restaurant. I decided to take a look on Groupon & found Ariel's had a really good Dinner deal. My Wife & I planned had a long day of photo shooting a week after purchasing the deal & decided to head down to the restaurant. When we entered, no one greeted us. We realized we were able to sit wherever we wanted so we sat at the only clean table.  After we sat down & someone finally came over to the table I pulled up the Groupon & realized the deal was only valid for certain days & not the day we were there! BUMMER! That was a blow. We decided to ask the server if we can use it anyway because we were already there, made a reservation on the way AND paid for a cab to get there. So, to make things worse, the manager says NO! Yup! Just No! So Of course, we left & I immediately tried to cancel the groupon altogether. Unfortunately, I couldn't so we marked that as a bad time.

A week later, it was date night again & we had this unused groupon that was paid for. We decided to try it again & just give the place the benefit of doubt. Upon arrival, still no greeting but much less crowded then the last time we were there. Very clean & a beautiful table we sat at with a cool breeze on a beautiful evening. The service was Okay & the food & drinks took F O R E V E R! I was 2 seconds from actually politely asking "what's the hold up?" because there were only about 6 other people of the 10 that can fit in there. Fortunately, before I can do that, everything was brought out. The food is meh! The drinks were the best thing! I mean, at least have EXCEPTIONAL food if there's so many flaws. Unfortunately, I'll never eat here again although I'd love to because the spot is cute & look like it would be my spot.



I hope you love my Restaurant Reviews! I'll be constantly updating as I go on my weekly date nights with my Wife. You can also find me on Yelp under Heaven "HeavenTheQuaintrelle" G. Feel free to comment below your thougts if you had the chance to experience any of the restaurants mentioned above! :)


If you are interested in knowing more about a restaurant or if you're a restaurant & would like me to come & review your establishment, feel free to email me at Heaven@HeavenTheQuaintrelle.com.

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Until next post, dolls!

Heaven :)

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