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My NYC Salon Reviews This Year So Far

My NYC Salon Reviews This Year So Far

Hey Dolls!

I've been working on a venture for a few years now simply because I have a hard time finding consistent salons that are affordable, clean, cute decor with good customer service & NOT a Million miles away from me. This is a challenge... Here's my review on a few places I've visited this year so far & my experience!

Dream Dry, Columbus Circle:

I've always wanted to experience the phenomenon of these blow out salons here in the City. This particular salon was pretty close to me whereas I passed it every time I walked to work. I decided to make an appointment with hesitation due to my perception (& past experience)  that certain salons aren't equipped to style "black natural" hair properly. Luckily, My stylist was a black natural haired girl herself and we hit it off immediately. The music was always good, the decor was pretty, the price wasn't so bad and she always hung my coat and offered me something to drink. I never waited or was rushed and I loved that. I continued to get a blow out here until one day, I went make the appointment to find out my stylist didn't work there anymore. :(... Devastating!

DryBar Le Parker Meridian:

Hmmmm.... Where do I start? Well, I arrived about 2 minutes after my scheduled time. BTW, The place is absolutely beautiful. The decor and the ambiance was great. Upon my arrival, I checked in the with the receptionist that seemed more interested in looking at me from head to toe then listening to my name. I, then, waited for about 15 minutes before someone came to the front and called "Heaven" like I was her annoying little sister. We, then, walked to the styling chair where I told her what I wanted before we headed to the washing room. As two other clients and myself laid back getting our hair washed, the stylists took upon themselves to talk about their upcoming vacays, plans and budgets. Mind you, The girl was BARELY washing my hair, to the point that I wanted to say something. It was probably the laziest hair wash I've ever received in my life! I couldn't believe it! & To conclude my visit, the best thing about my first visit to this salon was the wine.

She Winks:

As a blogger, I've heard a lot about this place because there were events being thrown here and Boss Babe CEO Alex tagged them in a few of her photos showing her lashes. I made my first appointment with the salon and went in with high hopes and expectations. Good thing I did because they were met! :) I got a lash and eyebrow tint. Oh! The Decor? *big eyed emoji* It was every woman's dream! The colors, the furniture, the little touched like quotes on the wall and candy tables made me feel real luxurious. I waited for no more than 5 minutes before I was greeted by my lash lady & escorted into a room. I laid down and had the best 30 minute nap of my life while getting my eyebrows and lashes tinted. Now, what I wasn't aware of was the fact that a lash tint was just coloring my lashes *side eye emoji*. I definitely should've done my research because my lashes just went from black to dark black. LOL. Now, My brow tint? That was AH-MAZE-ING! I had full even eyebrows for the first time in my life (LOL) & was absolutely hooked. She was also a very kind lady (wish I could remember her name). But, the part that I was most impressed with is the fact that I didn't have to color in my brows (not even a little) for about 3 days straight and when it started to face, I just used it as the blueprint for filling them in. So, let's just say, I was extremely satisfied with my first. So, of course, I had to make another appointment. My second visit's eyebrow tints weren't as satisfying as the first. Maybe because it didn't sit for long or it was a different lady but the tint was very light leaving the salon and I had to fill in the next day then it faded the day after that. To me, it was a waste of my money. So, that was unfortunate. BUT, because they did such a good job the first time, I refuse to believe that I'm done with this place so I'll be making a 3rd & 4the appointment. The next one will be this coming week just for brow tint and my 4th one would be for brow tint AND lash extensions in time for my WEDDING :) :) April 26th in Miami, FL. Hopefully, the next two visits would be like my first! We'll see. Overall, I love the decor, the aura, the receptionist is so sweet and the concept behind the brand.


The Nail Boutique NYC, Brooklyn NY:

I booked an appointment here a few weeks ago. I was aware of the salon via social media and was looking for somewhere that offered alcohol so I can sip and chat with my bestie about my wedding plans. The salon is in a quiet area in Brooklyn, not too far from Barclays Center and conveniently one block from the C train. The receptionist (brown skinned, braids/ sides shaven, stylish) definitely set the tone for the place with her hospitality and beautiful appearance. I'm obsessed with feminine decor and that's exactly what the salon was giving. I couldn't stop staring at the ceiling and the setup of the salon because it was so beautiful. The only thing that wasn't ideal was the fact that I was nowhere near my bestie. I was getting my pedicure and she was getting a mani on the whole other side of the salon which defeated the purpose of sipping and chatting. Well, My pedicure came out amazing and the wine was DELISH! I had 2 glasses of course. Unfortunately, After my pedicure, I decided to leave without getting my filling. The reason is: I was waiting for about 10 minutes to get my filling while my bestie was sitting up front waiting on me & the nail lady was on the phone taking calls. It didn't appear that she was going to come to me any time soon & I didn't want to wait there staring at the wall while my best friend was staring at her phone & we were ready to eat anyway so I just decided to leave. Thankfully, they offered me something special to compensate for me leaving which made me feel a lot better & now, I'll be booking my next filling and pedi there! :). IF you choose to experience, Tell them I Sent ya! ;)

The Blossom Salon, Midtown Manhattan:

Oh! Em! Gee! Where have this salon been all of my life? After the unfortunate circumstances at DreamDry & Drybar, I was on the hunt for another salon. I started to look for something like a "Dominican salon". There's an infamous concept behind Dominican salons where you simply get your hair washed, have rollers put in, sit under a dryer then get it blown out and it changes your life. Unfortunately, My past experience with Dominican Salons haven't been the best. My hair is natural and thin and was usually damaged with the excessive heat they used and I also felt uncomfortable due to constant persuasion that I should get a perm. With this, I was hesitant to return to salon like this but I saw Blossom Salon.  I looked on Yelp for any reviews that was similar to my situation and there was nothing but good things. So, I showed up on a weekday Afternoon. I was immediately greeted by a pretty stylist whose hair looked AMAZING (usually a good sign). She washed my hair then asked if I'd like rollers or blow dry. I told her that I'd prefer blow dry and she was Okay with that. My hair was washed thoroughly, conditioned with an amazing conditioner and blow dried to perfection.  Oh! Did I mention they took my coat and hung it up AND there was a max of 4 women which made it so cozy AND Actress Nicole Ari Parker was there as well. It definitely was a perfect match with me and I simply can not WAIT to get my wash & blow dry again. Oh! & the blowout I received is STILL in tact AND my hair is not permed.. This is nearly impossible. I've officially found my new hair home. :). IF you choose to experience, Tell them I Sent ya! ;)

Pan's Nail Salon, Midtown Manhattan:

I was getting tired to my regular salon for about 4 years all the way in Brooklyn. I wasn't getting turned off from my regular lady because she was just rushing all the time and it was no longer enjoyable. Sooooo, Pan's Nail Salon was one that I walked past allllll the time because it was in my neighborhood. I decided to go in for a Filling, Pedicure and Brow Wax and I was quite satisfied. I continued to go every 2 weeks since the new year. The only thing that's not ideal is the PRICE! I spend $100 on the services there including tip when I used to spend $45 or $50 at other salons. The only reason why I continue to go back is simply for the service (besides the amazing results of course). It's always quiet, they offer water, you can hang your coat, it's very comfy and cozy and most importantly, IT'S EXTREMELY CLEAN! Everything is disposable, fresh out of a package and never used. I LOVE this & I'll be returning every two weeks faithfully due to the convenient location, amazing service and great nails! (BTW, I like my nails MOST when the guy does it ;)... He's amazing). IF you choose to experience, Tell them I Sent ya! ;)

Okay Dolls... That's it for now as far as salons I've explored so far this Year. Moving forward, all salon reviews will be individually posted and shared on my Yelp account as well. Please comment below any salons you've experienced that I should check out or your experiences on any salons that I featured.


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First, Let Me Catch You Up On My Year So Far...