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First, Let Me Catch You Up On My Year So Far...

First, Let Me Catch You Up On My Year So Far...

Hey Dolls!

Thanks for subscribing to my restyled blog! As I told you all in my introduction and launch post, I'll be sharing my journey as I get married, move into my 1st apartment and transitioning from Employee to Boss Babe.

As far as my wedding,

I've been with my Fiancee for almost 3 years (April 27th is our anniversary). She proposed to me on my Birthday in 2014. We've been planning this extravaganza of a NYC wedding (which caused nothing but exhaustion and frustration) and a lot of money that we weren't looking forward to spending to invite people that we speak to on a bi-monthly basis. blah! In the midst of this wedding planning, we booked a Miami trip for our 3rd year Anniversary. Out of nowhere, I thought "Hmmm.... Let me google Miami Beach Weddings" & BOOM! The prices were great, the idea was amazing and the date was perfect (the day before our anniversary). Ha! It couldn't have been more PERFECT so we wasted no time on booking, securing and planning & now, we're 25 days from our Miami Wedding.

As far as my apartment...

My Mother was born and raised in Brooklyn where she had me. She, then, decided to move to Midtown Manhattan when I was about 13 Years Old. Fast Forward, to me being 22 years old, Her Husband and 3 younger siblings, let's say the 1 BDRM apartment got real crowded. I never moved out simply because my Mother would convince that I wouldn't find a place like the one we lived in and my best bet was to take over the apartment when she moved out. This happened FINALLY & I was living the young 20-something dream in the City. 3 Years later, I met my Fiancee (girlfriend at the time) & didn't take long to move her right in with me. We were good to go for about a year UNTIL circumstances happened that forced my Mother & Siblings to move back. :(..... Every 20-something year old couple's nightmare, right? Well, The past 8 months have definitely been a challenge BUT we're FINALLY at a place to move comfortably.

As far as my transition...

I've been working since the age of 16 and was NEVER fond of the idea of working for someone, having a rigid schedule and getting a paycheck that never reflected me being cooped up somewhere for HOURS. It was never appealing or intriguing. Despite this, I worked because I had to as a Hostess, Maitre' D, Receptionist, Gallery Coordinator, Assistant Managers & every other customer service position you can think of at your Hilton Hotels, Victoria's Secrets and almost every upscale Restaurant in Midtown West. As all of these positions taught me so much, I always wanted to be the Customer. I wanted to be the one shopping, eating and having fun, NOT serving and pleading and dressed in a loose fitted black suit on this beautiful 90 degree day. UGH! I started to blog, model and design in 2009 and 2011 where I got a taste of getting paid to do things that I LOVE! Wow! Didn't even think that was possible back then. Well, My last Hostess position was a HUGE wake up call to me as I sat these rich older people on Upper East Side to get $30 training pay just to pay my rent. That was NOT the life I envisioned for myself soooo I made a change that altered my life and perception on the working world.

I thought back to when I was working for a popular restaurant near Rockefeller Center as a Lead Hostess. One day, I signed up for a Coat Check shift and made my entire Hostess check in one night by Checking Coats... Coats! Getting tipped by Manhattan's Businessmen by hanging up their coats was LIT... more LIT than I thought. DING! That's It! Coat Checking it is! So, I spent the next two Months STALKING Craigslist for Coat Checking Ads. One day there was a strip club in near Time Square that was hiring for Coat Check & at the LAST minute, I put on a cute dress wearing my heels with my Resume' in tow and guess what? I was asked to come for training then I was hired! Next thing you know, I was making $500 a NIGHT... One Night! Working about 3 nights a week. You do the math! I found my DREAM JOB! Where I make an amazing amount of money while having time to focus on my personal business. This was last year and I'm still there. Yup! The longest job I've had EVER in my life. LOL! Go Figure! Want to know why the transition? Tune in to my next post... :)

So, there's my official recap on how I've gotten HERE! 

What's To Come?

Fashion Looks, Hair & Make-Up Reviews, Business & Brand Reviews, As Well As My Journey to all that I've mentioned earlier? Excited As Me? Yay! Please, Don't Hesitate to subscribe to my blog to get all of the updates and new blogs posts directly to your inbox...

I'll also be attending many events over the Summer to promote my brands: www.instagram.com/AsiaNevaeh_  & www.instagram.com/FashionGirlsLinkUp !!

If you'll like to connect in any way, feel free to email me at Heaven@HeavenTheQuaintrell.com & Follow us on www.Instagram.com/HeavenTheQuaintrelle.com

Looking Forward To It All! :)

Live, Love & Laugh!






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Welcome to My Blog, Heaven The Quaintrelle!

Welcome to My Blog, Heaven The Quaintrelle!