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My Day 4 Of #31DaysOfLooks!

Happy December Ladies & Gents!

Aren't you excited about the ending of this year? So much to finalize, plan for, celebrate! Holidays is such an exciting time for me.. I become a big kid all over again!

Being that I love December so much, I've decided to share 31 days of my looks with full outfit, shoes & accessories details! Sometimes, it seems as though, we only have one or two good pairs of jeans & 8 good tops. We can have a full closet and still feel the need to shop. (Not always a bad thing.. right? LOL) Well, with my #31DaysOfLooks, I hope to inspire some outfit ideas for the holidays & upcoming weeks! Here we go.....

Day 4 is an easy look... I was going for basic White V-Neck, Blue Jeans, Pop Of Color Purse & Sneakers! Natural Hair is in Slick Back Ponytail while Beat remains Daytime Natural.

Hoops, Top & bag is Forever 21. ($40)

Bomber Jacket & Jeans are Uniqlo. ($65)

Sneakers ($40)

Total for entire look is no more than $150! I'm in love with this affordable look!



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Until next look,

Talk Ya Later! :)

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