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Marriage Mondays: Why Dating is so Important?

Marriage Mondays: Why Dating is so Important?

Hi Dolls... It's Heaven here.

Happy Monday! As you all know by now, Every Monday, I blog about topics regarding Marriage titled #MarriageMonday where I discuss things that I'm experiencing as a Newlywed as well as things I'll need advice on. This is for my fellow Brides to Be & Wives. Please feel free to comment below or under the #MarriageMonday post on my Instagram (@HeavenTheQuaintrelle).

Now, on to the topic of the day: Why Is Dating So Important?

So, In a few weeks, It'll be 6 months since I said "I Do". I am learning so much about so much. I've been with my Wife for 3 years prior to us getting married so I'm quite familiar wit her. However, many aspects of our relationship feels very new.

One thing we've always been good at has been going on dates; out to eat, out to the movies, night at the club or even walking around the neighborhood to have deep conversations in a nearby park. It has nurtured our relationship in such a beautiful way.

I can not stress this ENOUGH: Dating Is Important!

Fortunately for us in this very moment, We do not have children as of yet so we can actually spend a lot of time focusing on our marriage. I say "fortunately" because, I hear ENDLESSLY how much things change for married couples who become parents. Although, it's such a blessing, the marriage can take a back seat to what's important at hand, Your Blessing of a Human Being(s).

So, with that being said, Please make time for each other. It's important to continuously date, flirt, be sexy, be caring, drink wine... quickies always keep the spice if time is scarce. Love letters are another amazing way to show gratitude. I can totally understand how working & parenting doesn't leave much time to do the hankey pankey or do on dates so a walk in the park, trip to the ice cream store (Yes! be a kid again), a romantic comedy in the family room while the children are knocked out in their rooms, etc. There's many ways to make time for each other so please put time aside to do so.

Oh! A little secret? Are y'all familiar with Subscription Boxes like FabFitFun & FunFlyFabulous? Well, They have those for DATE NIGHTS! :) Yes! You can go online, order a date package (that best fits you), recieve it in the mail & have Date Night come to you! How convenient is that? I'll be discussing those in depth in a future post.

Please comment below your take on the topic, your experiences,  your thoughts or questions on this post below.

Until next Monday's Post, Brides & Wives!

Heaven G.A


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