Hey Babes, 

My name is Heaven Grace, yes, that's my birth name *shy giggle* & I am a 28 Year Old Boss Babe. I am a Business College Graduate with enough ambition to burst!

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the middle of Midtown Manhattan where I was introduced to the fabulous life of women who lived like "daddy's little girls", yorkshire terriers and designer handbags & real life Sex & The City cliques.

I witnessed first hand two sides of NYC.. The Gritty & The Glamour which explains why I am the perfect mix of both. I started modeling in 2008 thanks to a photographer on MySpace who saw photos of me & asked to do a photo shoot. From that photo shoot, I booked a fashion show and the ball rolled straight through almost 50 photo shoots and 75 fashion shows for the next 2 years straight. By 2010, I thought I was a pro at that point, so I started to demand payment instead of doing everything for free which stopped the heavy flow of work because people were not in the business of making money and paying people back then.

One Summer, I decided design a pair of shades because I couldn't find a really creative and cute pair. Surprisingly, I designed 3 pair of shades, took photos in them and posted them that lead to an outpour of requests for purchase. *lightbulb*... That was the birth of my designing life. I spent the next couple of years designing and selling shades then fell in love with the concept of women's jewelry where Heaven B Jewelry was born. For the past few years, I've been maintaining my Jewelry Brand as well as Heavenly Fashionable Blog.

Now, It's 2016! Yaaaaayyyyyy!

Heaven B Jewelry has been fully restyled into a complete women's brand that is now Asia Nevaeh.

Heavenly Fashionable Blog has also been fully restyled into The The Quaintrelle.

& I'd Like To Introduce Fashion Girls Link Up, A Quarterly Expo & Networking Event designed to Connect, Support & Promote Businesswomen in The Fashion Industry.

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